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The List of Polluted Rivers and Steps Lawyers Can Do Something About This

It is being noted that the ancient civilizations had benefited from the rivers because the water provided a better way to life to many people that time and abundance of life. Unfortunately, these great forces are being mistreated by many people. The rivers now had become polluted that ever.

These are are following rivers that will surely surprise you and will make you feel sad about. You can read over the following lists and learn more about this terrible destruction in the environment and then you can learn about how the environmental lawyers can be able to do about this to help resolve this issue.

First on our list is the Citarum River located in Indonesia. It has a mercury content level that is around one hundred times that of the legal amount. This can be attributed to the industrialization and at the same time due to the lack of the awareness from the public about how they properly dispose their waste.

Second on the list is the Mississippi River in United States of America which also second in the most polluted river in the world. This is a home for the many factories who is using the water to be able to transport the good to the market. Unfortunately, this is already being polluted by the nitrates level as well as the benzene and arsenic. This river is now being polluted by the amount of harmful algae that makes it impossible for any sort of water activities to happen.

Third on the list is the Sarno River the the country of Italy. The Sarno River has unfortunately been titled as the Most Polluted River in ant place of Europe. The pollution do come from the agricultural and also from the industrial waste.

The fourth one is the Marilou River which is from the country of Philippines. The Marilao River is one of the major concern of the Philippine government today. This is full of non-recyclable objects like the plastic bags and bottle. Toxic waste is also being dumped into the Marilao River daily by that of the industrial plants and this causes the pollution to increase.

They are the top rivers that are contributes water pollution yet there are still many on the list.

The good thing is that the environmental lawyers can help resolve this issue so that the rivers mentioned above can be restored and can benefit the future generation. The environmental lawyers can be able to contact the certain agency to file a case towards those polluters who will cause this pollution and will bring justice to the pressing problem in the river .