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A List of the Scariest Movies up to Date

Halloween is that time of the year where people love watching horror movies. Some of these movies are very scary to a point where the viewers are afraid of watching them alone. Check some of the movies highlighted below if you are conflicted on the horror movie to watch.

The ring is one of the scariest movies. The movie shows an image of a creepy girl trying to crawl out of the TV screen. The main story of the movie involves a journalist investigation about a certain videotape where people die in a week after watching the tape. The journalist and her son both watch the tape. Afraid of the consequences; she decides to investigate more on the tape so that she can save her life and her son’s.

Paranormal activity is a horror movie that will prevent you from staying alone in your house at night. The story base of the movie is about a couple being haunted by a mysterious spirit. Every night the couple is haunted by the evil spirit. The movie can make you have sleeping problems. Look out for under the shadow movie. The movie was filmed in Chicago during the Iran-Iraq war period. The main plot of the story involves a woman who is doing all she can to protect her daughter from the civil war and keep off evil spirits.

The woman’s husband has linked up with the army, and it is her responsibility to take care of their daughter. Without any notice, a missile hits their home, and in the midst of that collision, the evil spirit possesses the girl. You should go out for the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The movie is based on the chainsaw-wielding cannibal. If there is a thing that makes the movie known among many people is the fact that the chainsaw-killer was an actual killer in real life. Find a movie that is called the descent. By watching the descent, you will be able to confirm that the film gives you something extra that other people cannot give you a towel

The movie is based on a team of explorers who find themselves trapped in a cave and they later find out that they are not in the cave alone. The cave has a predator, which wants to kill the explorers. The explorers have no other choice, but to leave the cave or they are going to die. The movie is interesting, and it will leave you begging for more action. The concluding step is deciding on the movie that you want after looking at all the ones mentioned above.