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How I Transformed from a Career Woman to a Mother

The change of circumstances. My aim in life was to work and have all my goals fulfilled. When I was through with my college studies, I graduated and was the top in my class. During the Friday nights, I did not go out partying like most of the college students do but rather, I would stay in my room reading so that I would have the best grade in the next weeks exams. It was long when I knew that I could write and when by the time I was completing my elementary studies, I had written so much that could fill a cardboard box.

I then had a job right after I was done with my college education at a firm that dealt with technical writing in my hometown. Though it paid well, I did not view it as my dream job. It was exhaustive doing the job, and at times I even had the carpal tunnel syndrome. When I was done with my dinner, I could not resist from doing the writing as I wanted to become of the authors of a top-selling American novel. I have always wanted to win a Pulitzer and an Oscar through my creative writings.

Before I was done with working on my novel, our daughter was born when I was 28 years old and later we had our son. I had to step down from my job so that I could focus on nurturing my kids. I needed to be home with my child and hence I stepped down from the job. I called my superiors and notified them I wanted to quit the job. The project I was working on was now given to someone else to complete it.

To have my dreams fulfilled, I would have the children sleep than stay up to try and write some pages of my novel. I even asked for help from friends, parents, and my spouse to watch over the kids as I went to the nearest coffee shop to write something. While out there, it was not comfortable for me, and I constantly called to ask about the kids’ progress.

Through this site, I have been able to tell my story, and whatever decision I made makes me feel happy. When I am in a position to write something, then I will do this. A time will come when I will be able to fulfill all I wanted.