Refurbished Fitness Equipment Kettler Mondeo St Elliptical Trainer Overview

Investing in home gym machines is almost a must in our fitness conscious world. Naturally, it makes sense that everyone is seeking the very best fitness equipment at the lowest possible asking price; quite often, the solution to this pursuit is refurbished fitness equipment. One of the best selling and best quality machines helpful for sculpting your muscles and losing those excess pounds is the extremely popular elliptical trainer. This is a quick introduction to a top quality elliptical – The Kettler Mondeo ST Elliptical Trainer.

Overall Rating: 9.2 of 10 stars

Key Features:

– Console featuring large, convenient-to-read, twin Backlit colour LCD Display Screens
– Motor Controlled Magnetic Resistance
– 8 Preset Programs which include a Heart Rate Control Workout
– Cardio pulse set available at the user’s request
– Optimized drive and bearing technology complete with self-aligning ball bearings
– Heart Rate Measurement

Price: Regular – 699 (Refurbished model can be acquired at 525 at some online and brick-and-mortar suppliers)

Product Description:

This completely equipped elliptical cross trainer built by Kettler is the perfect version to get you going on the journey to bodily fitness. I know it can surely compete with most of the more expensive ellipticals in its general performance ability. The fact that the machine can accommodate an individual of 23.5 stone is really a true indicator of its extraordinary design and effectiveness. It is built with 8 pre-set programmes which include a heart rate controlled exercise session. This is an pretty helpful quality because of the fact that it will adapt the resistance level or target speed, keeping your conditioning regimen in the maximum zone for burning fat and upgrading fitness. You can keep up with your pulse rate with a chest strap, an ear clip or the in-built hand grips on the static handles.

Item Specs:

Measurements: L x W x H = 150 x 53 x 156cm
Flywheel weight: Approx. 20kg
Product Weight: 75kg
Maximum user capacity: 150kg / 330lbs.

Product Features:

– Single touch buttons to modify resistance level
– 10 distinct levels of resistance to select from
– Hand Grip Sensors + Ear Clip Sensor (included)
– modifiable non-slip footplates
– Mains connection
– Appealing compact design and style
– Big twin LCD display screen and user friendly console
– 8 exercise programs for several different fitness levels
– Pulse controlled training
– Feedback data includes velocity, time, distance, heart rate, tread frequency, plus calories burned
– Silent, smooth performance
– Joints fitted with top-notch double ball bearings
– Resistance generated through a motorized magnetic braking system

Warranty: 3 years parts and labour (manufacturer’s warranty available on many refurbished units)


Due to its excellent blend of style and superb construction quality, the Kettler Mondeo can assist you to improve your fitness and attain ultimate achievement in your home fitness workout regime. It can surely work all of your main muscle groups and ultimately provide a non- impact exercise routine at a fair price. If you want I If you are trying to find a cost-effective, high-quality fitness regimen, make sure you hunt for refurbished fitness equipment just like the Kettler Mondeo ST Elliptical Trainer. Strongly recommended!