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Calaméo – nicky_fresita

Os Maiores e prigosos segredos da Magia. Om is considered the most powerful mantra of all. It corresponds to the Egyptian Amen and actually represents the name of the divine Logos.


Om is the Sanskrit word for the spark of life itself, that part of boblia divine imprisoned within physical life. When you emphasize and prolong the ‘O’ you affect others and your own auric field.


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When the ‘M’ is prolonged, the entire affect is produced more internally. A variation of Om is Aum ah-oh-mm. This form enhances your visualisation of the aura and it enables your thoughts to become more crystallised. It is an affirmation that your energies are at their highest and continually growing higher, as vvampirica you are saying to yourself on a primal level; “So let it be”.

Obviously, for this reason, it is the perfect mantra for raising power within the circle during spell work. It literally translates as the jewel of the lotus.

It is one of the more popular mantras and it has a variety of meanings and significance’s. This mantra acts as a protective force within the aura.

It strengthens all energy reserves and helps prevent you from being drained great for intense spell work or taken advantage of. This particular mantra is god to use before entering emotional situations or places where you know tensions can run high. It makes the aura strong enough to prevent others from intruding upon you, physically or otherwise. To use either of these mantras the first thing you need to do is relax. Close your eyes and as you inhale, sound the mantra silently to yourself.


As you exhale sound it audibly, projecting it outward, syllable by syllable.

Nova Tradução da Bíblia Vampírica — Morte Súbita inc.

Know that, as you use it, your aura will become stronger and more protected at all times. Magia Branca e Negra. Ciclo da Magia Branca.