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The universality of one and all as per the Sri Akal-Ustat.

Akaal Ustat

Despite his martial and regal status, Akali-Nihung Guru Gobind Singh was foremost a divine soul and subsequently viewed creation as an extrapolation of one divine master. The latter is evident from an incident, during his battles with Aurangzeb, where captains of his forces detained and presented a Sikh named Kanihyaa before him. When he queried as to Kanihyaa’s crime, he was briefed that the latter was tending to Khalsa military personnel as well as Mughals thus prolonging the war through his pseudo-humanitarian efforts.

Turning to the accused the Guru requested a defence from him, and Kanihyaa in all humility replied that in both Khalsa and Muslims alike he perceived the divine radiance of the Guru; thus he was assisting none other than his master.

Historians record that the Guru is said to have cried with laughter at this tenure and embraced Kanihyaa, citing that the latter truly had grasped the fundamentals of reality and transcended the superficial norms of creation itself! Eastern mystics have evidenced that the lay cause of misery is the mind.

Akaal Ustat(i) | Anurag Singh; A Journal-Keeper’s Diary

ustxt The mind cannot be categorised as being a physical organ, but an accepted element which exists. The mind is essentially what processes varied perceptions to birth individuality and experience, it is a subtle psychological battery which consumes an individual’s environment to birth unique traits.

Plausibly the greatest exegesis of the mind’s dichotomous nature emerges from the Bhagvad Gitaa Vedic tome which records the Athenian spirituality of Krishna, a demi-deity who fell uustat the bloody battle of Kurukshetra.

Remonstrating with an apathetic Arjuna, who refuses to combat his own kin, Krishna spells out for him the pre-requisite of obtaining a spiritually illuminated Guru who can akaap in imprisoning the mind. Such was Kanihyaa’s perspective. It follows the parallel principles of Sri Jaap Sahib which can be summarised via the following stanza: After indulging in this play of creation, thou will be single and the same again. He is male, female yet neither. For him time is not an obstacle as he is not bound by it’s demarcations.


Time itself is a signature child of the human mind, the created entity. It can be devised as encapsulating three perpetual stages of existence. The past, the present and the future. The Khalsa ethos lays extreme emphasis upon the present which is the principle birthing point of the future. Whilst attempting any contemplation or meditative activity the mind wavers between the past and the future, it adopts events and re-structures them to psychologically effect the contemplative personality.

Subsequently an individual is left feeling that his spiritual efforts warrant no merit. Aksal as the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji declares, one must become a gardener to subdue the time-travelling mind. Sri Akaal Ustat is amazing transcendental composition of non duality-advait-absolute reality. This is ultimate gurmat sidhant which is aligned with advait gurmat mool mantra.

This is quite important because this is tat essence of gurmat. More about beautiful riddle questions of akaal ustat asked by sri guru gobind singh ji: What i would like to understand is how all of a sudden the ustat of Chandi is mentioned. There is a reason behind that.

Akal you hear the Uthanka of this Chhand, it will become more clear. He had a thought in his mind. To satisfy his desire, Maharaaj uttered this Chhand. Please listen to Gyani Harbhajan Singh jee Dhudikey for more details.

He starts akaaal the sakhi of Bhai Mai das jee Bairagi from the life of Third Master in between, but keep listening to the audio past it. Unfortunately it doesnt make sense to me, where is he drawing the reference from?

There is more Chandi Bani in Dasam Granth Sahib and that i dont believe would be written for the sake that someone wanted to hear the Ustat and Maharaaj composed. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

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Understanding The Sri Akal Ustat. Posted March 10, Kabeer sutat provides a supporting statement in evidence of his figurative citation, ‘let sincere faith be your genuflection in prayer, and let the conquering of your mind be your supreme objective.


Akal Ustat – Wikipedia

Commencing with an ode to the singularity and dominance of the lord, Akal he commences to describe the latter’s residence in his own creation.

Arising above the conflicts of both Hindus and Muslims, he repeatedly states ‘at times thou cry out loud for the Islamic prayers, and at times though observes great secrecy in reciting the Hindu mantras. Istat intent is to demonstrate how the lord via his own divine will manifests at times as a Hindu and at times as a Muslim.

The latter notion even today is taboo for both faiths who spearhead aakal for their own respective growths and vilify the other.

But the lord is not only confined to residence in mankind alone, he also permeates nature as well. Thus there is no element which is devoid of his presence.

When the mind is restricted, when it is controlled, perception reaches such a state that duality becomes extinct for it. The Guru Granth Sahib Ji propounds ‘ no one is intelligent, and no one is foolish. Your will determines all and everything. Somewhere you become conscious, somewhere skaal become careless and ystat sleepest unconsciously. Yet somewhere you become a Supreme Donor and bestow the beggar with wealth. This is all your wondrous theatre.

Share this post Link to post Share on uxtat sites. Posted July 21, Posted July 22, Posted January 10, Really amazing rendition of akaal ustat by gyani sher singh ji: Posted November 12, OP article is very informative. Akal Ustat is a very important bani.

Akal Ustat

It has 1 of the 5 banis for amritvela. Also if one wants blessings it can be read in a week or 1 day. It has 17 chands. It has the blessing of waheguru jaaps as 16 times it is written Tuhi Tuhi Listen here in katha at 9: Posted November 13, Please start listening at Create an account or sign in aiaal comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

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