Akg C B/ULS Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Akg C B/ULS Manual. Documents, presets, manuals AKG C B-ULS – Audiofanzine. with a C will find the acoustic advantages of an AKG The new C XLS and the C XLII offer . the C B-ULS the most popular, longest-lived.

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Started by northsiderap The Lab.

Started by Crash The Lab. Started by emtee The Lab.

Started by Silvas The Lab. I dropped an AKG B-ULS the other day and now it appears to have lower output level and a bit of higher-end hiss compared to my other I notice in DIY that there are a lot of experts on the Hey Chris are b-ulw sure its the capsule?

Akg C B/ULS Manuals

Gus Member NJ Posts: Open it up and see what was damaged. I you do not see an damage you need to trouble shoot the n-uls and parts. As posted by a2d how do you know it is a damaged capsule?


If you are confident, you can swap the capsule to the other mic and see if the problem follows the capsule. Otherwise have a mic tech do it.

I believe the teflon transducer is the one we are talking about. Alsocheck those little plastic pattern and rolloff switches.

If it fell to the ground it may have damaged one. After a dropIt is not likely to be a capsule, but I would be surprised if it was.

I’ve seen those mics with drumstick dings in the grills and they still escape what seems certain death. October 31, I opened the two mics and there is no noticeable damage.

Interesting idea to switch the capsules to see if the hiss follows the capsule If the noise follows the capsule, then I’ll need to replace it.

AKG C 414 B/ULS Manuals

Having two mics allows me to switch out various components and sub-assemblies. I don’t relish doing that because the components are densely packed. Hope this helps a little. December 18, March 02, June 06, March 24, ,