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Shipping info Returns are Easy. I Learn Arabic Series: Arabic For Buds – Teacher Book: A set of book activities accompany the child in their fun trip, in which they discover the letters and numbers through pretty lines, colored drawings and purposeful exercises. This book includes fourteen letters that are arranged from the easiest to the most difficult based on writing and pronunciation.

The Alphabet Family series helps children learn the Arabic alphabet in an attractive and creative way. It presents each letter using a song and 3D cartoon.

I Love Islam Workbook Level 1 gradually aims to introduce Muslim students to the essentials of their faith and bring to light historic and cultural aspects of Islam. This item will be shipped within weeks.

Sorry for the delay. This is the most comprehensive curriculum for teaching Arabic in Islamic schools in North America. The author lived and taught in the West. Click here for more information in Arabic This book is designed to alkhzt the needs of parents, weekend schools and full time schools Deals of the Day.

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The book alaraabi by training you to draw simple lines and curves, then proceeds to present letters and simple words and sentences that are appropriate to the level of the book. This book is a must-have for aspiring calligraphers. Audio Sample 1 Your browser does not support the audio element. Audio Sample 2 Your browser does not support the audio element.

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EQAU AL-KHAT AL-ARABI ايقاع الخط العربى

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Click here to write a review. It is view every Dictation Base in a simple way joined with Exercises which help them to understood and employ it in a helpful method. We put a special Summary for Dictations Texts which enabling to prepare Tests in the page Specified for Applied Dictation after Cutting the Page and separate it from the book. To improve the Write Type, we customize a page for Copying to practice on Writing in other correct way. Plenty of work pages give students ample opportunity to practice their skills.


Lordees Labaki Alkuat Arabic handwriting series uses the Naskh style of writing. The first level introduces students to the orientation and strokes required for Arabic writing. Each subsequent level progressively introduces more writing skills, including word formation and penmanship practice.

IQRA Elementary School Arabic Bushra Yasmin Ghazi Aspiring calligraphers, at any age, who practice diligently every day will soon discover alaabi joys of this Islamic art as an absorbing discipline, recreation, and mode of spiritual expression. It focuses on teaching the Arabic language to non-native speakers, especially benefiting those who have little time to commit to Arabic throughout the weekdays, and makes learning easy by covering several educational levels: Kindergarten level for ages years old and levels for ages years old.

Three systematic divisions sounds, words and syntactical structure, and conversational practices enable the learner to generate language accurately in a variety of highly successful modern techniques.

These focus sections present the Arabic language clearly and inclusively to meet the needs of Western learners. This curriculum develops fluency by communication, discovery, realization, and then application. It helps Arabic learners to deal confidently with Arabic culture, plus different types of reading and listening passages: Reading techniques are developed through the study of a wide selection of authentic reading passages, including classic Arabic without concentration on spoken dialect.

Regular vocabulary exercises examine word building techniques. Careful balances of authentic and scripted listening materials build confidence whilst offering the ability to communicate with native Arabic speakers.

A presentation of Arabic culture patterns help Western children to connect with their Arabic speaking peers in other parts of the world. The student text is the first step of I Love Arabic Series from 6 years old and is supported by a comprehensive workbook, handwriting book, and teacher case.

Alkyat unit is divided accordingly: Simple and short akkhat comprising linguistic structures of sounds, vocabulary, expressions, and syntax structures, aim to facilitate learning by teaching the language process and communication.

Vocabulary words are taken directly from reading dialogue. They are combined with graphics to further student understanding and sensory perception. Conversational exercises encourage students to participate in classroom activities, apply reading material within dialogue, and ultimately become fluent speakers. The Arabic language is introduced sound by sound to avoid difficulties that students may encounter while learning letters with similar appearance or sound.

The patterns of exercises include: New vocabulary is listed to help with student memorization.

Students practice writing letters and then joining them to become words. Illustrations help students to visualize words. An illustrated dictionary appears at the end of the workbook and includes word sets found throughout the lessons making memorization easy. Students practice writing Arabic letters, words, and then expressions.

Tips on efficient teaching practices. Posters to be used as classroom visual aids Audio tapes. Popular series for learning and teaching Arabic. Anglo Arabic Graphics Ltd. Elementary School Arabic and English Dr. Imran Hamza Alawiye The Gateway to Arabic Handwriting Book has been written as part of the “Gateway to Arabic” series with a view to giving students the opportunity to learn, practise and acquire proficiency in a fluent style of Arabic handwriting. It is recommended that students should already have completed at least Book One of the Gateway series and be familiar with the Arabic alphabet before embarking upon this book.


Although a number of handwriting styles are used in the Middle East, the style taught in this book, namely ruq’ah, is the most widespread and the easiest to learn. Compared to the printed style of Arabic, which is termed naskh, ruq’ah offers the advantage of being much quicker to write. The book has been organised so that identical naskh and ruq’ah texts appear on facing pages for ease of comparison and contrast. The first section sets out the letters of the Arabic alphabet in all their forms: The precise direction and sequence of pen movements for each letter have been clearly indicated through the use of numbered arrows.

Having completed the presentation of the alphabet in all its forms, the book then provides the student with the chance to practise copying complete words and phrases, most of which would already be familiar to the Muslim student.

A further opportunity for the reinforcement of handwriting skills is given through the copying of selective ayat verses of the Qur’an. A translation of these verses is included on the page on which they appear. A new, integrated approach to teaching Arabic to non-Arabic speakers. It was designed to stimulate the mental skills and senses of the child and enhance their level of understanding of the Arabic language. Prepare and develop children to learn Arabic stimulating their interest through the use of all of their senses while having fun.

Present the letters in a simple, joyful, and progressive method, focusing on the individual shape and sound of each letter. Strengthen the optical perception for Arabic letters by enhancing the child’s ocular memory.

تحميل Tarekh al khat al Arabi wa alam alkhatatin PDF مجاناً –

Guide the child in the correct method of writing of the Arabic language, from right to left. It is designed to make teaching easier. L Pre-K – 2nd Level Arabic Amal Tanner and Lilian Khoury A set of book activities accompany the child in their fun trip, in which they discover the letters and numbers through pretty lines, colored drawings and purposeful exercises. Decorating letters and coloring them, delineating numbers and counting them… The pages combine fun and benefit in firm pedagogical steps that lead towards proper writing.

As such, it includes a set of varied and attractive dynamic and writing-dynamic activities in terms of form and graduation in terms of content and difficulty level: Pre-writing activities in order to decorate and draw the main lines.

Activities for drawing the letters, which are accompanied with drawings that start with or include the targeted letter.

Activities for drawing the numbers, which are accompanied with drawings that express the number. A clear lesson that is accompanied with a drawing, which helps the children know the action that, is required for completing the task. A model of the line, drawing, letter or number that is required, while specifying its starting point and the direction of delineation, in addition to its path, through guiding arrows. A detailed explanation through drawings and arrows, with simple steps, that clarifies the correct way to write every letter and number to the adult.