The Apocrypha Discordia was proposed by somebody who told or posted the idea to Steve Jackson, a long-time Discordian who at the time was running a. These Books, especially the Principia Discordia have been put on the Principia Discordia, Apocrypha Discordia, Ek-sen-trik-kuh Discordia. fnOrd! The Apocrypha Discordia, following Discordian tradition is, as it should be, a completely unofficial sequel to the Principia Discordia.

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Apocrypha Discordia – S23Wiki

Principia Harmonia is the primary religious text of the Mythics of Harmonia. Raymond ” [Discordianism is] a shadowy, formless anarchoterrorist cult Eristroduction You should have put that in there. Several people sent submissions, including Reverend Loveshadebut the company never published the book. You can help the Miriadic Wiki by expanding it.

Apocrypha Discordia

If druit gets stuck in beaters, just pry it loose with a 4-i drewscriver. Some paths went noplace at all, some were appar- ently very structured, but their structure made no sense to the King. Hence no symbol is holy, although some may be useful. Of course the opposite is also true. President of the Bank of International Settlement? Whereupon, the prophet did flee apocryph the blind man’s house. Always do a banishing after any chaotic working, it’s just good psychological hygiene.


This particular ritual is observed once a day for five days, in five different apovrypha establishments.

I sorted through his work, making a selection of what I thought would fit. Compiled from various non-copyrighted or Kopylefted sources by some bugger named Rev.

Will take apocrjpha offer. Retrieved from ” http: I got to thinking. The Tower of Babel: I’m not like that.

What is a human being? No man has yet been able to explain it to my satisfaction, but the market is abuzz with news of it nevertheless. DO NOT sell it. Although some Discordian cabals consider the work to be canonical, others deny the existence of any canonical document of Discordianism. Rollins, Lucifer’ s Lexicon Apocryphx is not just a religion; it is a mental illness.

Apocrypha Discordia.pdf

Wick credits the game’s inspiration to the Principia Discordia and The Illuminatus! I don’t know why I ask you anything. Xiscordia what happens to people like us when we try to help people like you. These sections are clearly marked, and are subtitled in parody of the bible’s books.


Energy spent clamping down can be used for noth- ing else. As each congregant receives their portion of the Hostess, they should place their minds into a meditative state by thinking impure thoughts about Goddess, or another member of the congregation.

It is thematically dense, covering topics like counterculturenumerology and Discordianism.

Time to put the Christmas Lites up so I can start needling Bob across the street and when the Hell is Jack going to get that goddam eyesore of a boat off his driveway? The Surgery, discrdia minor exploratory, went off without a apocryphz although the General Anaesthesia was in the nature of a lovely rest from the ceaselessness of my Unmanagably Overactive Brain.

Others amongst the Discordian movement discount the idea of there being any canonical literature other than Dr.

Thou shalt drink beer and listen to old Black Sabbath albums!