Assimil: Le nouvel Allemand sans peine. Welcome to Memrise! Join millions of people who are already learning for free on Memrise! It’s fast, it’s fun and it’s. Assimil Language Courses/Le Nouvel Allemand sans Peine (German for FRench Speakers/Book Plus 4 Audio Cassettes (French) Audio CD – 1 Oct Le Nouvel Allemand sans peine on Paperback; Publisher: Assimil; Language: French; ASIN: BCTC9; Product Dimensions: x x

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First of all, I think we should remove some of the qualitative remarks. There even looks to be like an argument between two people “The dialogues are too slow.

I realize that it is useful, though, and would rather there be some sort of caveat included, and perhaps a link to a longer Wiki page on Peeine in general that states plainly that no single method will ever take anyone to anything remotely like a B2. Second, the 2 lists of languages need to be merged into one.

Le nouvel Allemand sans peine – Hilde Schneider – Google Books

As it looks right now, it is a mess. Third, and the longest project, is a standardization for the entry of each course book.


I propose the following: Contents Number of Lessons Audio Format s e. Every 6th-day lesson featured a song?

Search results

Supplementary Exercises begin in Lesson xx? Extracts from literature appear in Lesson 84, 87, and ? A brief table with some example lessons, I’d say just 3: I’d like to look at cleaning up the Assimil section of the wiki, but this will be a large endeavor for all to take part in, so I think we should come up with some standardization first. I’d probably do a list of all languages in alphabetical order by English name, then the 2nd column would link to the appropriate course’s original language title s.

I’m using these 3 again to illustrate: That way English or German speakers could easily see the relevant courses for them.

As for separate pages, I was thinking the main Assimil page would discuss the history, philosophy, instructions, applicable methods right now it’s explicitly stated that it’s tied to the L-R at the top of the pageand links to some reviews and perhaps distilled forum discussions. Then there would just be a page for each course. I’m looking at this project the way a musician’s page is on Wikipedia.


If you go to Black Sabbath’s wiki, you’ll find everything you need to know about Black Sabbath, and then the “Discography” section links to a separate page for each album which includes allemnd listing, release date, re-issues, etc. I guess the question might be – should all French books just be nested in a page titled something like “French Assimil” or should each version get its own page?

Formats and Editions of Le nouvel allemand sans peine []

This would be more of a Discogs style approach, using my above example. I think the difference in the Duolingo is that the Assimil course is the same regardless of nouvsl language.

I suspect that most of the books have pictures posted somewhere. Who is online Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 0 guests.