Bibliography. Copyright © Narinder Singh Sall “Brief Biological Sketch of Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh Ji”. Retrieved from. (c) Gyani Nahar Singh’s Preface PUBLISHER’S NOTE The first edition of ‘Autobiography of Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh’ was published in the year. Autobiography of Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh. by Dr. Trilochan Singh (Author) Language The History and the Compilation of Dasam Granth. Language: English.

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Bhai Randhir Singh’s jatha had worked apart and was fully prepared to plunge into the revolt with about 60 men. Bose felt so perturbed by his lecture that he and his wife left the hall in the middle of the Lecture. After facing terrible suffering in prison life from May to OctoberBhai Randhir Singh was fortunate to live for nearly thirty and a half years.

A portion of the Punjab Press is simply scurrilous. Every student who was harassed by bullies found protection under the fraternal care of Randhir Singh. To die like a cursed slave in a foreign country and bear insults and humiliation from every Whiteman or to die like a hero in your own country fighting for freedom.

Some units in Lahore and Ferozepur cantonment had agreed to capture ammunition depots and stage an armed revolt.

Autobiography of Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh

He knows only one science, the science of destruction”. This wall too was razed to the ground”. Augustine has said, “Justice being taken away, then what are kingdoms, but great robberies. But he was not baptised. In the first Lahore conspiracy case Kartar Singh Sarabha was the main accused. Randhir Singh was married at quite an early age to Autobiograhpy Kaur, daughter of S.

On this the assembly confirmed the resolution of the Lahore Diwan of May 30, With all this disappoint- ment, the spark of love, present within my heart, convinced me that it was the only life-giving flame, which had emerged from a mysterious fountain within, and was now flickering dimly in my inner being.

Hopkinson the police chief employed spies to suppress and persecute the patriots.

Babu Mai Singh son of Bhai Kahan Singh and Mai Gulabi was influenced by the devout Bhalla saints of Batala during childhood and ever since then has led a religious life. Kartar Singh Sarabha and Bhai Nidhan Singh met him every week, and he was kept informed of all the development randhiir by them. Second Lahore Conspiracy Case, P. In such a pungent atmosphere Bhai Randhir Singh found nothing that could attract his soul.


He was autobiobraphy very healthy lad, bubbling with 2.

Autobiography of Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh Ji –

It was his inherent timidity and fear of being arrested and imprisoned that impelled Lala Hardyal to take up this attitude. Bhai Randhir Singh describes her as a young saint deeply learned in religious lore.

Thirdly, the religious atmosphere was made turbulent and spiritless by caustic debates and discus- sions between various faiths and sects. The Feringhis have looted the country and laid it waste The people are harassed greatly, 0 people; They have taken all riches of India, And have sent them to England, O people ; These decoits are looting us day and night The poor cultivators are starving, O people ; Good pay is paid to the Whiteman To eat, drink and be merry, O people.

Piara Singh and Subedar Har- bachan Singh. His father, Natha Singh, knew that out of all his sons Randhir Singh was the most promising lad. The big press runs all day, printing three newspapers, pamphlets and circulars. He has taken up all controversial interpretations and brought out rules of grammar which apply throughout the scriptures. Due to pressing demand of the readers, we have however, been obliged to bring out the second edition with appropriate revision of the text by the learned translator without his proposed additional material.

They visited Nankana Sahib, Tarn Taran on religious festivals and openly exhorted the people to revolt against the British in such violent language which frightened the peasants in the face of mass arrests of returned emigrants and the shooting of the passengers of Komagata Maru. Without any central leadership, organization, preparations and plans, the returned emigrants plunged into revolutionary activity and for money they indulged in loot, plunder and even meaningless murders, which proved highly detrimental to their cause.

Spies al so come frequently. I had searched long and hard for a true and beloved friend, whose love could last unto death, but I did not find any.

He came into contact with Bhai Randhir Singh in This was the miracle, which the Lord worked on me, when I started reciting prayers for selfish ends. To be free in India as an Englishman is free in England.

The ideal of the people comprises both political and social changes. Bhai Randhir Singh held one of his closed door meetings at Dhandari on 17 February and the second at his residence on February 19 morning. The members of the party are peasants and working men.


He inwardly felt it to be his mission and ordained destiny to choose slngh lonely path of self-consecration, to wake up his country from her ataraxy and organize the people for an all-round struggle for religious and political freedom. Ranshir Gajjan Singh, a member of Provincial Legisla- tive council and lawyer advocated that as delays in dealing with crime committed by revolutionaries had a very bad effect, the usual procedure should be modified and speedy and summary trials substituted.

Unfortunately for this organization a shrewd retired S. He was given autobiographh of atobiography and ammunition and revolutionary literature. Even the most eminent theologian and Sanskrit Scholar, Gyani Dit Singh, who defeated Swami Dayanand Founder of Arya Samaj twice in Philosophical debate on Vedas, and was revered by the Sikh community as an outstanding leader of the Singh Sabha movement was not ailowed by these priests to offer Karah prasad Sacramental offering at the Akal Tdkhat.

Panjab Digital Library – Digitization of Autobiography of Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh

He took diploma in teaching as a private candidate and was posted as Headmaster Middle School, Ludhiana in So it had been changed to February In all other periods, my mind was completely absorbed in thoughts about God and I atobiography not think of anything else. When Congress rulers got the reigns of power in their hands intheir scramble for power went to the limit of becoming completely blind to the sacrifices of freedom fighters who suffered all their life.

He suggested to Bhai Randhir Singh that he had come to free them. Basant Kumar and others were arrested, but Rash Bihari was absent on leave in Chandernagore and managed to escape. Sudhindra Bose, President of the Hindustan Association wrote: This paper has already been proscribed in India, but it is smuggled in large quantities.

Jot Vigas Long Poem.

Kartar Singh fearlessly entered the well guarded cantonment and came to know that 8 of the sepoys on whom he counted had been discharged.