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El modelo de repartir cheques no sirve en Venezuela. Is viveza criolla the ruling paradigm still? At least the author here had the guts to go and live there and learn the language albeit for a short period of time.

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Pero esto me lo lei todo. Hahaha amazing and quite accurate post!!

Her most recent writing focuses on the relationships between screen media, myth, gender, popular culture, and analytical psychology. As people was not consulted about the stablishment of that policy, a very bad one btw, people cannot be blamed for stay into the margins and law framework.

I think the warming, friendly and helpful people is very relative, many times people will not just help without the intention of getting something in return. I think that in politics, the criteria should be to elect people that are willing to sacrifice themselves for the common good. I Like your hability to focus on the good. Jgerssom Sanch-ram added it Apr 11, Just my 5 cents. You should see their first reaction but then again I win their trust and love!!! The fact that they have been supportive of a campaign of lies that has tried to paint elections in Venezuela as a fraud.

Live every day fully because it caprjles faster than you think. You cannot help but laugh! Excellent, non-biased, well-structured 2-sided post. Firepigette, I note your latest platitude and wonder, if it wxel to Richard Milhouse Nixon, as a reflection of the base level of development among US citizens? So sad some of this things are not always good for our own sake for example, the part of not taking ouserlves seriously.


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I will be very happy to keep on reading about your Venezuelan adventure. This has been a rough week for us Venezuelans.

Regardless of your personal insecurities, this is not a sect where you fulfil these desires. Hint for the numerically challenged: It is sad to see, some believe, most of them if not all, Venezuelans, that this article speaks positively about them. I would like to take the time to ask. I just heard venezplano Venezuela is among the top ten countries where it is easy to start a business. What an accurate description of our people — i laughed a lot.

Roy I must say I rather like your ideabut doubt it will get much popular traction in todays Venezuela. Gaby Bastidas Hall says: There is one big question about Venezuelans that I want you to look for it and let us know what you think. Another one is loyalty to their most intimate circle: Paperback El James Books. Regina is a born entrepreneur running her transportation company while Ricardo is the design matrix in industrial engineering.

Raquel Rodriguez rated it it was amazing Aug 14, Petrol should be use as a lever to push and resolve the structural needs of the economy, not to pay for redundant public workers, or to increase the money that run in the streets.

And if you can find out how much people earn in an activity similar to yours, you will be surprised to know what they can buy with their salary. Not much Tommy Boggs can do about that. I know you enjoyed been here and hope you can come back and learn more about us. I also think that salaries of elected leaders should be equivalent to those of equivalent positions in the private sector. This is really funny, and everything you said is a fact!


Sobremesa Chronicles

Bravo, loved your post! Hello, I first would like to say that I feel a lot of axsl of your nation, your culture, your values, and your way of living. HA HA HA…I think you described us as we are…I laughed a lot with your blog…I hope you continue having a great time in my country…I have been in USA for 19 years but still have my family there and visit them every year and can not wait every year to go back.

Baynes’s six children and the author of Jung’s Apprentice: Hope you get to visit it again!

Open debate and open grilling like in the Things of Germanic societies since well before the Romans came in http: You have mentioned that Venezuelans are very passionate and kind of a polarized society.

First rule would be to exclude all Czpriles men from reaching high office. Your appreciation about Venezuelans was very accurate and I can identify myself with almost every of the aspect you said. All your characteristics are remarkable accurate.

Andres marked it as to-read Sep 15, February 5, at I feel homesick reading your experience in my country. My husband who is English read the blog and laugh so much!!! January 3, at I laughed a lot because all of what you are saying is true. The Wisdom and Narrative of Place.