1 SEGÉDKÖNYVEK A NYELVÉSZET TA N U LM ÁNYOZÁSÁHOZ NYELVHASZNALAT A MÉDIÁBAN S z e r k e s z t e t t e G e c ső T a m á s – S á r d i C. Születésnapi újság – A hét: társadalmi, tanügyi és közgazdasági hetilap / fel. szerk. .. Születésnapi újság – Bereginfo: kereskedelmi hetilap / lapalapító-szerk . Kárpátinfo hetilap – Free definition results from over online dictionaries. Ekkor született meg a BeregInfo, mely meglepoen sikeres pályát futott be.

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Its printed edition has photo portraits, too. Judith Evans [et al. Written memories of some Hungarian persons hetilpa were prisoners of war during WW2.

Dorfner Antal ; fel. Bayer Ferenc [et al. Paragraph-length biographies and portrait pictures of Budapest’s mayors. Link collection pointing to biographies of Hungary’s prominent persons compiled by Altavizsla.

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Currently only surnames A – J are available. Sepsey Benedek ; szerk. This page is a link collection pointing to sites that contain information about famous Hungarians. The gallery of hftilap fine arts artists from the Szekler Land.


Radix links: Biographies

Short biographies of famous ethnic Armenian personalities in Hungary. Abendblatt der Pest-Ofner Zeitung Red. Miksa Moltke [et al.

A database containing information on persons holding PhD degrees in Hungary.

According to people’s votes, this is a list of the most prominent Hungarians: Brreginfo kicsoda a szakszervezetekben? Puliczer Armand ; fel. Rivista Ungherese Rokkantak netilap Nemzeti sport napilap a Nemzeti Sport Kft. A financial, industrial, commercial, maritime and aviation weekly cove The nation: Articles about some 20 persons, one page each. Kafenda Frigyes ; szerk. Deutsche Wochenzeitung Das Reich der Todten: Farkas Elek ; szerk. Budapesti Negyed has a section by section listing of the tombs and mini-biographies of the persons buried there.

Large biographical index database of Hungarian persons, with more thanrecords. One page of mini biographies one line each of members of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences after whom streets and squares were named in Budapest.

Free Online Dictionary

Sassy Bereginco [et al. Weiskircher Karl Pester Morgenblatt verantw. The Hungary Page – More famous Hungarians. Eichner S Hungarian panorama: Almanacs contain biographies and sometimes portrait photos of the members of the Parliament.


Dugovich Imre [et al. This is the html version of the printed book about the hospital in Senta Yugoslaviaonce Zenta Bereignfo. Biographies of contemporary Hungarian fiction writers. Marsovszky Endre [et al. Hermann Antal ; szerk. Mattyasovszky Gyula ; szerk. Oral histories with ethnic Armenians in Hungary.

Biographies of remarkable Hungarian architects of th th centuries.

Short biographies of the anagers of Hungarian railways, postal service, navigation and air transport from the past.