and maintenance (servicing) instructions in the literature accompanying the product. BOSCH. AutoDome Protocol. 5/30/ GE. Calibur ImpacNet(RS Protocol) Record file type: It specifies the file format of the recorded images. 4 janv. Link to Download Bosch shuuc installation manual Link to Download Bosch shuuc installation manual Poser la tige de soutien. Bosch VMS. For detailed help and step-by-step instructions read the Configuration Manual and the User .. When you edit the exported CSV file in Microsoft Excel, save the file as CSV file type. (Windows IP cameras and IP AutoDomes. –.

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Bosch shuuc installation manual Download Report.

Bosch shuuc installation manual

Failure to do so can result in damage or serious injury or death. Use the bracket Base Plate as a template or cut a mm 7 in. This allows the AutoDome to ignore areas of unwanted motion. You must use a banding tool sold separately for a mast or pole installation. Retirer les bouchons de bouton du ct oppos du rfrigrateur laide duncouteau mastic recouvert de ruban gomm.

Class C addresses 8 bits for the subnet and 24 bits for the host address use a subnet mask of See connector P in Table 1. Instzllation show me this message again. Published on Jan View 17 Download 0. After making the harness connections to the Power Supply Box, rotate the Pendant Arm to close and seal the Power Supply Box and tighten the two 2 captive screws to N-m in.

This enhanced software makes programming and customiz- ing the AutoDome easy. Cable and Wire Standards for wiring information and distances. Safety Check – Upon completion of servicing or repairs to the unit, This will prevent damage to the unit due to lightning autoome power line ask the service technician to perform safety checks to ensure proper surges.


Bosch AutoDome Instruction Manual 16 pages. All domes that have not already been configured using FastAddress will respond to this command. Apply a bead of sealant completely around the leading threads of the male fitting.

Bosch AutoDome Installation Manual

The lower the maximum aperture or F-Numberthe more light that passes through the lens. Follow the instructions provided with the banding tool to securely mount the Mast Plate to the pole. The maximum torque is 34 N-m 25 ft-lb. Page 21 AutoPan and AutoScan installagion. For additional information, see www.

It is equal to the illumination of a surface one meter away from a single candle. CPU Module and press the camera base onto its connector. Exercise caution before releasing the Installaion Arm.

Bosch shu5315uc installation manual

Remove this User Manual and supply to user. All settings are editable via the Main Menu.

Call Worcester, Bosch Group Technical helpline Choose the filetgpe mounting kit to use xutodome on the location of the AutoDome: Save all packing material, to be used for setup and transport of the camera and dome. Rotate the yellow locking tab of the Camera Module clockwise approximately 60 degrees until the Camera Module locks in place. Over torquing the Ceiling Aufodome can damage the clamp or ceiling. Provide enough slack in the wires to rotate the pipe arm over the roof and back when camera maintenance is required.


When a Preset is saved, the position, zoom, and most camera settings are stored. Attach Pendant To Arm And Tighten Hold the Pendant housing in position while tightening the two fioetype 5-mm Allen head mounting screws on top of the housing to N-m in.

To obtain a copy of the Databook, please contact your local Bosch representative. Don’t show me this message again. If using a power screwdriver, set the torque level to the lowest setting. Alarms and Relay Con- nections for more details on wiring alarms.

A saved scene is called a Preset. Do not over tighten the bolts. Attach the supplied 3-pin Power Plug to the incoming power wires. Any variations to the installation procedures are noted. Connect the appropriate stripped wire to the open connector 1, 2, or 3 of the transis- tor. Make sure all autkdome are clean and dry. There are two commands used to address the AutoDome via the FastAddress feature: Dishwasher, compact activewater white By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

Bosch dishwasher installation manual she55 Documents.


Comments to this Manuals Your Name. A communications format that allows remote control, configuration and updates to be performed over the video cable Coax or Passive UTP. EnviroDome AutoDome with environmental protection that allows it to be used outdoors in almost any climate.