To design, engineer, and supply the Blister Packing Machine (Model: BQS) as per the URS and to ensure that it complies with the Scope of. To describe the Installation Qualification procedure to be used during qualification of Blister Packing Machine (BQS), its accessories and to. To describe the Operational Qualification procedure to be used during qualification of Blister Packing Machine (BQS), its accessories and to.

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Gear box Make Bonfiglioli Ratio 1: Product Description ACG pam-pac in technical collaboration with iwk verpackungstechnik, germany presents servo technology enabled flat-forming, flat-sealing, continuous motion blister packing machine – bqs blistering quickly through servo.

Tube Filling And Sealing Machine This station consist of hopper ,linear machone and rotary vibrator. Distributor plate SS 6. Forming area x mm. Heating of base foil is not required. From linear vibrator the product is transferred into the rotary vibrator.

I agree to the terms and privacy policy. Pvc Blister Packing Machine.

IQ of Blister Packing Machine (BQS) – Pharmaceutical Guidance

The equipment shall operate under dust free environment and conditions as per the GMP requirements. Modular construction, easily separated and installed for allocation, guaranteeing machine accuracy, stability and levelness. This station pushes the sealed web into the punching station with the help of indexing roller which is a part of change part.


Like Us on Facebook. Servo adds precision to blister packing by synchronizing the different movements. Different types of product infeed systems are used for feeding the product in cavities at higher speed in continuous motion.

Synchronization of different movements in blister packing machines can be Contact Us Contact Us. Forming area x mm. Like Us on Facebook.

Blister Packaging Bqs

Optional Eye mark missing Continues 5 eye mark not sensed by scanner Machine stops at zero position 11 Buzzer Buzzer operates Continuously product missing Buzzer operates 12 Sealing thermocouple Thermocouple open Thermocouple is open for more than 3 min.

The center distance with respect to base plate face is mm, which can be maintained with the help of adjusting screw. With servo, bqs achieves precision power, speed and position control.

Pvc Blister Packing Machine blisrer Mumbai. The machine is also designed to handle special type of films like Alu-Alu with additional parts.

Standard Plate Size [mm]. In this the speed of the pulling roller is synchronized bblister main cam.

Machine stops at zero position 9 High temp. Get Best Price Request a quote. Product Description Pam-Pac presents servo technology enabled flat-forming, flat-sealing, continuous motion blister packing machine – BQS Blistering Bas through Servo.

In plug assist forming cavity formed is of more uniform thickness and thickness achieved is more compared to vacuum forming and compressed air forming.

IQ of Blister Packing Machine (BQS)

Basically this system is provided to detect any non-filled blisters. Packaginh web is pulled by pulling roller and the thrust roller. Pharmaceutical Industry Equipment With over 20, machine installations worldwide, it speaks lengths of the high quality standards we follow at ACG as well as complying with major international quality certifications or legislations.


Open access door, easy repair and maintenance.

Automatic Blister Packaging Machine. The joint should be always on the top side.

Vacuum Emulsifying Machine Emergency Switch Location Punching and Perforation The machine is designed for single or twin lane operation. The pulling station is used to pull the sealed web in continues motion. Linear vibrator SS 7. Gear box Make Technocraft Sr. Foil is clamped by the leading screw. Cooling station is used to cool the sealed web immediately after sealing. What is Calcium Carbonate? Pvc Blister Packing Machine in Mumbai.

This design leads to a lot of changeover activities besides mechanaical maintenance. Bliste Blister Machine in Ahmedabad. The equipment shall be used for the blister format drawings and the change parts there of — as supplied by the above supplier. Mould quick release devices for easy replacement.