(NCREIF), is primarily responsible for fund index and attribution products, including governance and the existing well-known Brinson attribution model. Damien has a and a B.A. from the University of New South Wales,Australia. Fundamentals of Performance Attribution: The Brinson Model. Damien Laker. Performance attribution interprets how investors achieve their performance and measures the sources of value added to a portfolio. This guide describes how.

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The paper, if in fact it exists, introduced the key elements of brijson performance attribution: Morningstar is known for its analysis of long-only mutual funds, but the Brinson-Fachler analysis is also applicable to hedge ranking funds.

Birnson to See for Yourself? There are a number of characteristics of a valid benchmark. The task of performance attribution is to explain the decisions that the portfolio manager took to generate this basis points of value added. The most robust attribution models precisely address all of these aspects of decision attribution without residuals.

Morningstar Direct | Morningstar

All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from October An excerpt from the fictional paper reads:. Research to apply directly to your daily decisions. You can dig deep into the data and research to surface what best sets you apart from other asset managers and appeals to investors around the world. One advantage of doing attribution in geometric form is that the attribution results translate consistently from one currency to another.


The perhaps fictional paper presents attribution analytic paradigm as an extension of previously known concepts. Design and distribute reports and presentations.

For this reason, many of the standard texts e. Risk-based profit attribution should not be confused with risk attribution which decomposes the total risk of a portfolio into smaller units. Because you need the appropriate materials to make a strong case for your investments and explain how they fit in to a portfolio—ready when you are. Attribution analysis attempts to distinguish which of the two factors of portfolio performance, superior stock selection or superior market timingis the source of the portfolio’s overall performance.

Performance attribution – Wikipedia

The working group recommend that the notional fund concept be extended to cover the whole fund, i. Content curated to meet your needs, including actionable research from one of the largest independent analyst teams in the world. More modern and enhanced versions of decision attribution analysis omit the economically problematic interaction effect. One limitation of portfolio attribhtion is the reliance on a pre-determined benchmark.

Performance attribution

This paper, although never verified, claims to have introduced the key concept in performance attribution, that active performance can be analysed by comparing the returns of different notional portfolios. And you can support your recommendations with research from our independent team of analysts.


Morningstar, for example, includes a whitepaper [2] on their mode of employing the Brinson-Fachler methodology. The most common approach to performance attribution found in sources such as Brinson et al.

Thus, a viable performance attribution system must always be interpreted in parallel to a precisely commensurate risk attribution analysis. Not yet available in all markets. Position your products to succeed by better understanding the investment landscape and responding to demand. Turn your investing vision into action. This difference between the portfolio return and the benchmark return is known as the active return.

Global attdibution including historical portfolio holdings, equities, separate accounts, hedge funds, ETFs, indexes, real-time pricing, and more.

Turn your investing vision into action.

Detailed analysis on markets, equities, and managers. Risk-based performance attribution decomposes the performance of a portfolio based on various risk factors or risk exposures see factor analysis.

This may be the case for some hedge fund strategies. Retrieved from ” https: Different kinds of performance brinsno provide different ways of explaining the active return.