Starting pressure is adjustable during installation; Standard 1″ male hydraulic connections; Installation in any position (vertical/horizontal) according to the flow . Automatically controls the start and stop of single phase pumps up to a 2HP. Completely replaces the traditional system composed of pressure switch expansion. The BRIO M electronic control system is the simple way to automate any form of pressure pump with more than bar via simple plug & play installation.

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Brio / Brio M E-Learning Service Manual Rev ppt download

Share buttons are a 2000m bit 2000m. Published by Josue Ismay Modified over 3 years ago. YES NO Check power supply cable and plug Check incoming voltage Check electronic board for possible damages if necessary replace the board following the procedure. E-Learning Which is the problem? Starting pressure is set too high. Carry-out pressure adjustment Check the motor of the pump for possible failures i.

Check the cable between Brio and the pump If a float switch has been installed between the Brio and the pump please remove it.


If the device is installed on a submersible pump and the problem appears when the system is inactive for several hours, arrange a small bypass – Check electronic board for possible damages if necessary replace the board following the procedure. Starting pressure is set too low. Carry-out pressure adjustment If a non return valve has been 2000mm directly before or directly after the Brio, please remove it.

Check electronic board for possible damages if necessary replace the board following the procedure.

The factory setting is 1. To make an optimal setting of the starting pressure: The problem can be solved by installing a small by-pass max. In case of leakages from the non-return valve incorporated on 20000m pump, the pressure drop will be detected by the Brio that will automatically re-start the pump and will keep the pipe full of water.

Brio 2000 / Brio 2000-M E-Learning Service Manual Rev. 0.0.

Unplug the pressure switch connector and remove the electronic board releasing the fastening screws. Place the new electronic board and fasten it by means of the two proper screws, then plug again the pressure switch connector.

Connect again the electric cables and close the unit cover. Make sure the check valve is closed absence of 0200m and press the RESET button in order to automatically reset the flow sensor to zero. Check the device correct functioning closing all the taps and waiting the pump stop. If this does not happen, then repeat again previous steps. Carry out automatic calibration.


BRIO M – F.a.e.s.

The check-valve is dirty or is stuck. Rbio a non return valve has been installed directly before or directly after the Brio please remove it.

In that case the check-valve can be cleaned by means of the following actions: The inlet hub can be unscrewed taking care do not damage 20000m plastic parts of Brio. The magnet must be displaced toward the electronic board. A nationwide program of the National Shooting Sports Foundation and its community partners.

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