Introduction. The SAB 80C is the first representative of the Siemens SAB 80C family of full featured single-chip CMOS microcontrollers. It combines high. Infineon C Core bit Microcontrollers – MCU are available at Mouser Electronics. Mouser offers inventory, pricing, & datasheets for Infineon C Core . Competitive prices from the leading C Microcontrollers Microcontrollers – MCU Microcontroller, C Microcontrollers, C, 16bit, 40 MHz, 32 KB, 4 KB .

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Some performance indicators as claimed by Siemens: Bearing some relationship to disk caching techniques on PC’s, a “jump cache” is provided.

Label, Ink and Laser Inspection options: If you take the HTML version, make sure you do not forget any file. Further voltage, current and power consumption of the target can be measured. This compact kicrocontroller interface supports all run-control debug facilities and offers high-speed download and flash support.

Additionally, IHR has been active in the field of automotive application software for Tier 1’s and OEM’s in the field of stepper motors and flap control in the extended climatic range, actuators, ventilation of the vehicle interior c16 performance regulation in the seat comfort area. Access to the microcontroller hardware is routed through the Microcontroller Abstraction Layer.

80C Microcontroller FAQ

EUROS is a real-time operating system that takes into consideration the requirements in the embedded field: We are proud to have a team of professional employees experienced in research and design with a wide sales network. Meanwhile employees, independent company with flexible structures and flat hierarchy. Regulatory Compliance Jicrocontroller and Consulting to help reduce the cost of software certification, Software Development and Testing services to mentor, coach, assist, or fully outsource any of your software engineering activities —e.


The sum of the features that are combined result in a high-performance microcontroller, which is the right choice not only for today’s applications but also for future engineering challenges. Microcontrolle instructions do not finish in the mandatory four one bus cycles.

To download the MemTool please go to Software Downloads. Embedded system Programmable logic controller. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Implementation of customer-specific solutions Software: One of the C16x’s most useful features is its ability to support two different bus configurations in a single hardware design. In the C and C, a further 3 secondary bus regions can be defined, each with its own external chip select CS pin for direct connection to peripheral devices’ chip enable inputs.

In microcontgoller, it is recommended to have an exact copy of same code in both memory locations.

C166 family

ALL family is a universal device programmer. There are many sources for commercially available products on the web.

Check them out at http: The VX-toolset for C provides a significant performance increase with respect to code density and execution speed in comparison to other compiler tool chains.


You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

Microcontroller Architecture – C™ C, C, C, C, C16x Microcontrollers from Infineon

You agree to the usage of cookies when you continue browsing this site. Leading Provider of Development- and software quality tools Services Middleware and safety software Experts in the field of Functional Safety Extensive track record of Embedded System Projects Concept and specification Soft- and hardware development and test Hardware production. There are many devices available and new ones are added regulary.

This ECU includes three boards: In terms of speed, device support, ease-of-use and flexibility, the is unsurpassed. Extremely fast universal 8x pindrive Stand-Alone concurrent multiprogramming system with ISP capabality. ProMik software tools MSPNET programmer MSPNET programmer in-line systems semi-automated systems fully-automated systems LIN Bootloader and tools sockets c66 support X Promik is a unique company, because of our deep expertise with programmable microcontroller architectures, that is implemented in a full range of trussed hardware and software solutions, supported by rigorous attention to quality and a years track record of enabling their customer successes.

Additionally, S-Series can be also used as desk-top programmer. Microcontrloler Systems Intecs Brochure. There are almost no free or public domain tools available.