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Discussion in ‘Troubleshooting and Repair’ started by Kevink, Nov 1, Search Forums Recent Posts.

Nov 1, 1. The fire light does not stay off. It is flashing very rapidly. Red flashing fire light means that a fire zone is in a trouble condition There are no sirens. I have checked all the zones and they all report back “Okay”.

I have cleaned all the smoke detectors with air pressure for possible dust. All smoke detectors emit a green light and all pass a button push with a high schrill. What could be causing this red flashing fire light to stay on in a trouble zone? How would I reset this trouble zone? Where would I check to find this trouble zone? Nov 1, 2.

Do you have wired or wireless smoke alarms? How many do you have? Do you have any type of test equipment like a multimeter?

Sounds to me like a problem with the link between the smoke detectors or to the alarm panel. Nov 2, 3. Also, fire detector elements go bad over time.


User manual for the NX-8 with a LCD Display. – Southwest Florida Custom Electronics

If one of your detectors is bad, you’ll get the panel notification in one way or another like your flashing trouble light. Can you turn off individual zones one at a time, and narrow-down the zone that is generating your flashing light on the panel? You sound like you’re not sure on isolating the trouble zone.

Maybe you can take the cover off the control nxx-8e, access the individual inputs, disconnect them one at a time to try to isolate the problem circuit?

It’s hit and miss finding someone who has your exact model. Maybe download a manual on your unit from the manufacturer or call or email them, with description of your problem?

Caddx NX-8

If sensors are wireless, battery operated? Maybe a battery low? Nov 2, 4. Good Suggestions Thank you for the response. The smoke detectors are all wired as well as powered by 9V batteries – note installed all new 9v batteries. I have 12 smoke detectors.

Yes, I did download the manual and have been using it. Your suggestions are great and I will start nxx-8e off the individual zones to isolate the bad smoke detector. Yes, I have a multimeter but have not used it, also not quite familar on how to use it on the alarm panel.

Nov 2, 5. Make sure you change that battery too. When you identify the source of the bad input from whichever zone is causing the problemcheck your wired input for loose connection, before concluding a bad smoke alarm sensor itself. Nov 3, 6. Nov 3, 7. Nov 4, 8. The wireless smoke would of a course have lithium batteries. But the hardwired cavdx for that system would not have backup batteries. Only the NX-8E control panel would have a backup battery should the AC power fail such as a 12V 4ah or 12V 8ah sealed lead acid battery.


Caddx/GE/NetworX NX/NX-8E Security System

The key pad would usally indicate that the battery in the control or the battery at the wireless smoke needs attention or if monitored by a central monitoring station, they may contact the home owner to let them know they were getting a low battery signal from the control panel or one of the wireless zones.

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