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Most of us still don’t have the kind of internet access which allows us to consult the Web while we’re on the move. Is it useful for Spain and Portugal? However, I don’t really plan where I go but I’ve often found that I’ve turned up at an Aire and have found it to be not that pleasant. Horses for courses again Bruce.

I do campershop how long these printed, cost-a-lot, not up-datable through the year, guides will continue to sell in the face of the internet quicker, more up to date and obviously much cheaper alternatives.

Neither has all the locations in though, so if you want as much coverage as you can get particularly if you are staying in one country then get both. Went to a stop overlooking Bilbao, closed. Delete all cookies set by this site.

GB Check this to stay in touch – we send out a single weekly email on Sunday morning. It’s published in the spring, but not sure exactly when.

Ebooks Best Sellers Camperstop Europe 2012 16 Countries Engf 9789076080000 Pdf

Has anyone got a copy and if so how good is it? We were stood in the leisure centre buliding with the manager and it was the same building as in the picture. On line is all very well but you can’t always get online or want to switch a computer on whereas a book you can pick up with ease and thumb through and annotate at any time so call us old fashioned if you like but we still prefer the written guide!

They have over 19, stops in all European countries and morocco. It explains the cost to stay, any limitations on how many days, the services available and the distance to town and shops, and so on.


Printer friendly version E-mail a link to this thread Jump to forum: We tried a stop in Haro only to be told no camping here, use the campsite around the corner. Jay, Many thanks for the prompt reply, if that is a quick reply I would hate to think what one of your long ones would be like! We went to another stop in Haro, moved on by the police, you can’t stay here it is a religious plot.

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Camperstop – Thousands of Free and Low Cost Motorhome Stops – Our Tour Motorhome Europe Blog

In a few different ways, one of which is the Camperstop Europe Bookwhich we started using in As for French Aires, stands to reason that a French book, published by one of their mags and bought when you get there, is likely to be more “current” than an English-language one bought online long before you leave!

Just a thought, but there are now several very good website guides that, for free, provide the same if not more information Leave a Reply Want to join the discussion?

Log in to the Forums. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. BGD – 9: We have the usual problem of managing how much data we use, but the MiFi reports on that quite well, and we also sometimes need to manually change the network selected, but only normally when we enter a new country. I tend to use it in conjunction cqmperstop campingcar-infos.

We never usually have a fixed agender we just amble along and take it as we find it for us thats the fun in motorhoming. Enjoying your latest and hope to get out on the road semi-long term again soon.

But then the Vicarious book is in my view the best guide available to French Aires, if a little pricey – unless you get a freebie for reporting in with new Aires and photos – many thanks Vicarious!! So how do we find these spots? Register on the Forums. Edited by Mike88 Feel free to contribute! BGD – For Germany we have the Bordatlas.


Edited by Tracker A link to the version is below although I would buy the version which is available soon: Just eurooe to connect to wifi every now and again to sync the newest data.

We used it in France although lots of same sites as France aires book.

The cats are getting restless! You might also like Bulgaria by Motorhome. Cheers, give the cats a stroke from us, Jay Reply.

Anyone else had a similar problem? To find somewhere to stay, you can either search for the name of a town in the index or do what we normally do, which is to use the maps, like this:. I thought a book would be easier or at least helpful as an aid for some mild pre-planning but also campefstop a reference when on the move.

However we do plan to get a copy of Camperstop next year if for campersto; other reason that for less than the cost of one site night it gives many alternatives in many countries and is another handy string to our bow. I have been using the Camperstops book for the last 3 campperstop but it sounds like it might be worth getting a newer version as mine only has stopovers and I recently found that some no longer exist!

Went to a Nature Park outside Santander, open, superb spot, loved it and the snow this week. We had a holiday in a house in Huelgoat and saw the aire right next to the lake and it got us thinking about buying a motorhome….

Your email address will not be published. So, this is how the book works. Worth having especially as it was a present. We swore by http: