Bestselling author Fern Michaels has held millions of readers captive with her unforgettable stories and exotic locales. In this classic romance, a beautiful. Captive Passions (Captives, book 1) by Fern Michaels – book cover, description, publication history. I picked up a copy of Fern Michaels’ Captive Splendors from a used bookstore, and boy was I in for a surprise. I vaguely remember reading her.

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Captive Passions – Fern Michaels – Google Books

You’ll be able to make changes before you submit your review. Now I like an Alpha male but I do not like a hero who, after he is married, keeps his malicious mistress, goes to brothels It just did not fare ware with me. Also, the passion between the two main characters was a weak flame at best, he loved the Sea Siren fare more than his shy bride.

Excellent Read From Amazon I read this book years ago and loved it. I feel it was one of Fern Micheals best books and wish she would go back to writing historical novels. Worst Book Ever From Amazon I have never written a review for any book before whether it was good or bad. But this book has motivated me to urge perspective readers to beware.

It went from bad to horrible and yet I hoped somewhere there would be a turning point for the better. I never found it. He and his promiscuous self slept with anything that had two legs.

He is so superficial. Anything with a face and some breasts gets him riled up even his vile mistress Gretchen. How can you justify the leading man sleeping with someone else on his wedding night?


He’s a pathetic character. Yet he has the audacity to throw in Sirena’s face the fact that she has lunches over the Spaniards house. Maybe it was just me, but I definitely missed where Sirena fell in love with him. What is there to love? On top of all that, the abuse of women was just horrible to watch. I should have looked at the earlier comments before i read this book.

It was a waste of time. This book Depressed Me From Amazon I read alot of romance novels and usually find some good in all, but this book really depressed me micahels made me want to “slap” the 2 main characters. Plus as one reviewer stated, there was alot of violence to the women. Sierna fought Regan at every turn, even though she was suppose to be in love with him. He in turn slept with anything that moved and kept a mistress, which he slept with on his wedding night. Plus, he flaunted it in front of his wife.

I disliked Sierna dern she was so cold and dramatic.

Even after Regan sailed for months to find her, she still didnt think he loved her. Fdrn ending was frustrating as you had no idea if anything really worked out between them. I have started the second book and it opens with Regan is someone elases bed and Sierna at home, still pushing him away.

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Fern Michaels is a very talented writer and I hate to give a bad review, but this book really was depressing. I will see what the second in the series holds.


The most horrible book I have ever read! From Amazon I love romance novels. I have probably read overyet this was one of the most horrible books I have ever read.

Sirena and her sister get brutally raped. Sirena’s sister gets riped xaptive by ONE of the rapists and killed. I, for one, think that it is absolutly sick for anyone to write of such a thing. Futher more the story gets worse when Sirena’s husband continues having “affairs” with some other women. A disgusting book, but if you michaelss to michaeels about rape, abuse, and the degredation of women this book is right up your alley.

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Captive Passions

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