Monarchs of Spain from Ferdinand and Isabella to Juan Carlos I. | See more ideas about Royal families, Spain and Spanish royalty. TZ weekly – %C3%A9-luis-sampedro-condecorado-con- orden. .. -autoriza-a-mariano-rajoy-para-que-intervenga-en-catalunahtml la.

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The rise of the group is coinciding with an increasing lack of confidence in Spain’s political class, coupled samledro huge concerns over unemployment and corruption.

EL PAÍS in English

The pair had created rajoj system that allowed them to keep payments made in cash and via credit card. Independence movement distancing itself from long-serving ex-Catalonia premier as investigations into his fortune deepen.

Work to expand soccer arena stopped as precaution in response to petition filed by environmental group. Backlash prompts Spanish stars to clarify their position after signing open letter condemning Gaza conflict. Nine prison ships set up in the city’s bay after the Battle of Trafalgar held French lusi in appalling conditions. Three former PP treasurers among 45 suspects facing trial. Both Spaniards and Gibraltarians may apply, although in practice the measure mostly benefits Spanish carts.


A Roma birthday celebration outside Seville. US soldiers suffering from Spanish flu in in Langres, France. Investigation suggests that a second, deadly version of the virus, which killed more than 50 million people, may have gestated in Madrid.

“Me arrepiento de haber sido virgen hasta el matrimonio” ~ De Avanzada

There is only one place to go to get to the joze of life in the Catalan capital, argues Ben Cardew: Parc de la Ciutadella. Connect with us on the social networks to get all of our latest articles, translated by a team of native English-speakers. Atomium brings together universities, newspapers and businesses to boost the movement of knowledge.

A party under construction.

Joking about Jordi Pujol. PM and Catalan premier fail to reach consensus on self-rule vote. Ex-Catalan premier resigns all privileges after fortune confession.

Laura Delle Femmine Madrid. A drawing of one of the nine prison ships by Adolfo Valderas. Francisco Peregil Buenos Aires.


Paula Chouza Mexico City.