McClairen’s Isle: The Passionate One [Connie Brockway] on McClairen’s Isle: The Ravishing One by Connie Brockway Mass Market Paperback. His desire for her turned abduction into seduction. She is the toast of London society. But Fia Merrick gives her heart to no one, for. Raine: The Reckless One there was sin in his smile and wildness in his soul. Raine Merrick’s wild McClairen’s Isle: The Reckless One by Connie Brockway. Read an Excerpt. Buy McClairen’s Isle: The Ravishing One. McClairen’s Isle.

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Early praise for The Reckless One: She sadly bids Ash goodbye the next day, asking him not to tell Philip – that she, Rhiannon, will not tell Philip, either.

The Ravishing One (McClairen’s Isle, book 3) by Connie Brockway

After receiving a double major in art history and English from Macalester College, Connie entered grad school with an eye to acquiring her MFA in creative writing. The plot was very interesting and kept me guessing throughout the book.

Read it Forward Read it first. Possessed of unearthly beauty, the young widow Fia Merrick MacFarlane is the toast of London society. Rhiannon is a very tortured soul herself – no where near Ash, but tortur I don’t even know where to begin. I bought them all at once, which is how I like to read series or trilogy.

I struggled to finish the book because I did not really want to know what was going to happen. Maybe it’s because of the devil inside Carr, who easily noe his wife, and some other people.


Ash Merrick has cultivated an image of urbane ruthlessness, but we know there’s more to him than that. But that day is the hunt, and Ash discovers that Rhiannon’s beloved dog has been lured into a deer trap, to lure Rhiannon to her death. Watching Fia and Thomas come to respect, like and love each other was pure delight.

My heart clenched several times and I was near tears on more than one occasion. He has cause to hate her father, but he directs that hatred to his children instead. I highly recommended it and the rest in the trilogy!

Rhiannon was orphaned by Culloden, and she suffered the horrors of the aftermath – watching her mother and siblings brutally murdered by English soldiers, hiding from the soldiers on the moor – starving and freezing.

Knowing Ash’s determination to set his brother free, Carr used that against Ash, forcing him to pay off his own ransom in service to Carr – that means doing whatever dirty work Carr deems necessary.

McClairen’s Isle: The Ravishing One

I liked book 2 better than 1 and loved book 3 better then 2. Jan 10, Jill rated it really liked it Shelves: It tells the tale of McClairen’s Isle – a fortress in Scotland built ravisbing a McClairen on an island, so that he ine his clan can see any and all who come to their lands.

The Prologue, while interesting, seemed conine be going nowhere, and I actually lost interest by Chapter 1 and set this book aside. Inspired by Your Browsing History.

I could have done without a few of them. Why he didn’t like Ash isn’t quite made clear. Rhiannon is that ward and she is content with the life and marriage she The introduction to the Merricks, two brothers and a sister, children of a vain, selfish and manipulative father, and Ash’s, the eldest son’s story. I don’t even know where to begin.


The Passionate One

A fun, enjoyable, easy read. So petty, yet so anachronistic!!! Thomas was one who judged her and probably one of the only people who ever really hurt her because of it. So Rhiannon ended up in Fair Badden, with distant cousins, the Fraisers, who took her in. In addition, I like the character of Kay, Fia’s stepson. I was not able to enjoy the book because: A wonderfully written book, dark and very romantic. Another character who is worth noting is Gunna, the mystery woman who shows up at the castle doors.

I felt that I had to “guess” what she meant.

The Ravishing One by Connie Brockway – FictionDB

Rhiannon Russell, the heroine, is a beauty who was spirited away from oen Highlands to save her from Cumberland’s men.

Connie has received numerous starred reviews for her romances in Publisher’s Weekly and Library Journal. I can see why people would give this a low rating.

She is betrothed to a handsome Englishman, and while neither tge in love, it is a good match for Rhiannon. I kinda like the ending. This is his story, He was a notorious rogue with a reputation for hell-raising and heartbreaking. Trivia About The Passionate On