Database Record Number: Persistent URL: doc/b9b/. Title: Dahir Formant Code des Obligations et des Contrats. Get this from a library! Dahir formant code des obligations et contrats = Qānūn al- iltizāmāt wal-ʻuqūd. [François-Paul Blanc; Rābiḥah Zidgī; Maroc.]. Get this from a library! Dahir des obligations et contrats (D.O.C.): recueil des textes legislatifs.. [Mohamed Lamzoudi].

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Civil, commercial and family law. Lebanon – Civil, commercial and family law – Law, Act. Loi du 9 mars portant Code des obligations et des contrats.

Lesotho – Civil, commercial and family law – Regulation, Decree, Ordinance. Lesotho – Civil, commercial and family law – Law, Act.

Companies Act, Act No. An Act to provide for standard and adaptable requirements for the incorporation, organisation, operation and liquidation of companies; to define the relationship between companies and their shareholders, directors and creditors; to encourage efficient and responsible management of companies; to protect shareholders and creditors against dahi of management power; to provide for registration of external companies in Lesotho; to set out responsibilities of the Registrar of Companies and to provide for incidental dzhir.

Trading Enterprises Regulations Requires a licence to engage in specified trades and occupations. Entry into force 2 Apr. Liberia – Civil, commercial and family law – Law, Act. Liberia Intellectual Property Act Sets out the rights, duties and liabilities of husbands and wives in both civil and customary marriages. Provides comprehensive legislation governing marriage, divorce, and custody of children. Repeals Title 10 of Liberian Code of Laws Civil Procedure Law Title 1. Revised version of the Civil Procedure Law, as amended through 8 May Part I regulates procedures before trial, including arrest and questions of habeas corpus.

Part II governs trial procedure, such as matters related to evidence and trial by jury. The enforcement of judgements and related matters are covered in Part III. Part IV relates to appellate procedure, and Part V covers special matters, including bonds and security. Libya – Civil, commercial and family law – Law, Act. Provides for the regulation of free zones. Book One–Obligations Generally sources of obligations, effects of obligations, kinds of conditions modifying the effects of obligations, transmission of an obligation, extinction of obligations, proof of obligations ; Book Two–Specific Contracts contracts as regards ownership, contracts relating to use of a thing, contracts for obkigations hire of services, aleatory contracts, suretyship ; Book Three–Principal Real Rights right of ownership, rights derived from the right of ownership ; Oblgations Four–Accessory Real Rights or Real Securities legal mortgages, mortgage by agreement, judgment charges upon immovable property, pledge, privileged rights.

Lithuania – Civil, commercial and family law – Law, Act. XI of 10 May on Personal Bankruptcy. Aims, inter alia, to create conditions for the restoration of solvency of a natural dse, farmer or another natural person pursuing individual activity in order to ensure a fair balance between the interests of a debtor and his creditors. XI of on Citizenship. General Provisions Chapter II: General Provisions Book Two: Family Law Book Four: Material Law Book Five: Law of Succession Book Six: Act of 17 May to amend and supplement the Civil Code.


Amends, inter dzhir, sections related to: Chapter I establishes, inter alia, the purpose of the law, definitions of categories used in the law, persons who can be organizers of meetings, the time and places appropriate for holding meetings, prohibited acts during the meetings.

Chapter II deals with the procedure for coordinating a notice of a planned meeting. Chapter III defines the procedure of holding a meeting, reasons for termination thereof. Chapter IV defines rights, obligations and liability of parties to a meeting.

Luxembourg – Civil, commercial and family law – Law, Act. Code du commerce du 15 septembre Du commerce maritime Livre III: Des faillites, banqueroutes et sursis Livre IV: Code civil du 18 mars Des personnes Livre II: Egalement disponible en albanais.

Dahir des obligations et contrats (D.O.C.): Dahir du 12 Août modifié et – Google Books

Loi du 20 mars modifiant la loi obligationx la famille. Les modifications concernent les dispositions relatives au lieu de conclusion du mariage. Loi du 12 novembre sur la famille. Relations entre parents et enfants arts.

Relations de bien arts. Provides, inter alia, for procedure of creation and registration of companies, types of companies, and protection of small entrepreneurs’ rights. Trade Act obligtaions 12 March Text No. Governs the trade sector retail, wholesale, markets, etc.

Act on Citizenship ofas amended. Regulates the obligwtions of citizenship of the Obligahions of Macedonia, including its acquisition and termination. Madagascar – Civil, commercial and family law – Law, Act. Obigations – Civil, commercial and family law – Law, Act.

Repeals and replaces section 10 of the Act concerning restrictions on the granting of injunctions against the Government. Microfinance Act, No. Insurance Act, No. Malawi Citizenship Amendment Act, No. Amends section 2 by deleting the definition “person of African race” and sections 4 and 5 by deleting the words “and is a person of African race”.

An Act to amend and consolidate the law relating to companies, and to provide for matters connected therewith and incidental thereto. Birth and Deaths Registration Act Cap. Malaysia – Civil, commercial and family law – Regulation, Decree, Ordinance. Regulates the procedure for lodging claims with the Tribunal for Consumer Claims, and determines the fees for the procedure.

Malaysia – Civil, commercial and family law – Law, Act.

Metadata of the document in the LTD:

Consumer Protection Act, Act No. Governs safety of goods and services, guarantees rights against suppliers and manufacturers in respect of goods, product liability, and protection against false representation and claims.

Free Zones Act [Act ]. An Act to provide for the establishment of free zones in Malaysia for promoting the economic life of the country and for related purposes. Patents Act No. An Act to make better provisions in the law relating to patents and for other matters connected therewith. Maldives – Civil, commercial and family law – Law, Act. Family Act, Act No. Makes provision in respect of the principles to be followed in the Maldives with regard cahir marriage, divorce, payment of maintenance, custody, guardianship, ascription of legitimacy, proof of paternity and certain other matters of family life in the Maldives.


Law governing the formation, registration and management of companies in the Republic of Maldives.

Loi n° 53-05 relative à l’échange électronique de données juridiques (intégrale)

Mali – Civil, commercial and family law – Law, Act. Mali – Civil, commercial and family law – Regulation, Decree, Ordinance.

Contient aussi des dispositions sur la dissolution du mariage. Malta – Civil, commercial and family law – Law, Act. Family Business Act, Act No. AN ACT to encourage the regulation of family businesses, their governance and the transfer of the family business from one generation to the next; to encourage and assist family businesses to enhance their internal organisation and structure with the aim of effectively operating the business and working towards a successful succession of the family business; and for other matters consequential or ancillary thereto.

Civil Unions Act, Act No. An Act to regulate civil unions and to provide for matters connected therewith or ancillary thereto. Collective Proceedings Act, Act No. An act to enable the institution of collective proceedings for infringements of laws as may from time to time be designated in accordance with the provisions of the said Act and to provide for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.

The following is the list of Acts whereby collective proceedings may be instituted: Consumer Affairs Act Cap. Product Safety Act Cap. Amends the Civil Code Cap. Small Business Act, Act No.

An Act to enhance the operational environment for medium and small enterprises in order to facilitate their setting up and growth. It seeks to identify those areas where the existing regulatory environment can be improved in order to provide solutions that will benefit enterprises and make it easier for them to operate.

It further sets up the Enterprise Consultative Council and the College of Regulators, two advisory bodies, which aim to provide a forum for consultation and social dialogue, advise Government on challenges faced by the business enterprise, address grievances which emanate from the business enterprise and come up with remedial action. Encouragement of New Industries Act Cap. To repeal and re-enact with amendments the law relating to the encouragement of new industries.

Provides for property rights and civil rights of persons.