Death March: The Complete Software Developer’s Guide to Surviving “Mission Impossible” Projects. Author: Edward Edward Yourdon. Death March by Edward Yourdon. Notes taken by Matthias Günther | 2 minutes read. p Marine Corps mentality => real programmers don’t need sleep; p Thoroughly revised and updated, this practical handbook on software project success and survival explains how to confront five important issues involved in all .

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How common are death marches? I read this the year I lived a death march project. What makes IT organizations create such things?

Return to Book Page. Msrch marches of the destined-to-fail type usually are a result of unrealistic or overly optimistic expectations in schedulingfeature scopeor both, and often include lack of appropriate documentation or relevant training and outside expertise that would be needed to accomplish the task successfully.

But, it didn’t have the magic bullet I was looking for. Often even financial bonuses to edwward will not help with the exception of avoiding takeovers from competition. By Edward Yourdon Feb 6, Oct 01, Bernie May rated it it was amazing Shelves: Yourdon is a great, smart, knowledgeable guy.

Death March by Edward Yourdon

In project managementa death march is a project that the participants feel is destined to fail, or that requires a stretch of unsustainable overwork. Yourdon thinks highly of himself and other like him. Of course, even a project without the schedule, staff, budget, or yourdom constraints described above could have a high risk of failure—e.

What is a death march project? The functionality, features, performance requirements, or other technical aspects of the project are twice what they would be under normal circumstances. Open Preview See a Problem? One man may find happiness in supporting a wife and children. Madch you need to take up bank robbing. Yourdon used in his research. The knowledge of the doomed nature of the project weighs heavily on the psyche of yourdln participants, as if they are helplessly watching themselves and their coworkers being forced to torture themselves and march toward death.


What Causes a Death March?

Nov 24, Jeff Keehr rated it liked it. Like Peoleware, it’s often oriented at the human side of things. Please help improve this article by introducing citations to additional sources. The budget and associated resources have been cut in half. Tedious and repetitive, no useful info. The book is so so.

Patent under-resourcing is especially offensive at a large corporation with sufficient financing. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. But I remember it been mildly entertainig and mostly unpractical.

Death March

It was edwrad to read and skim through the e-mails Mr. Because of the competitive pressures of business competition in today’s global marketplace, along with the concept of “Internet time” from the dot-com era of the computer industry, this is probably the most common form of death march project.

You have to recover and rejuvenate on a vacation for at least a week after a two-week tops deathmarching. Ever been on a big computer project? Published November 16th by Prentice Hall first published April 2nd See All Related Store Items.

Death march (project management) – Wikipedia

As Ed Yourdon says in the preface to Death March “The wonderful thing about the title is that I don’t even have to explain it. How to recognize when your project has gone wrong. A handy survival guide for corporate programmers. Selected pages Title Page.

Ironically, it was tourdon most fun project of my career. A good overview of many concepts of what would soon become “Agile”.


The schedule has been compressed to less than half the amount estimated by a rational estimating process; thus, the project that would normally be expected to take 12 calendar months is now required to deliver its results in six months or less. Want to Read saving….

It’s good to know why projects fail and how to lower the risk of failure. I’ve given up on trying to review each chapter individually.

This may have come about as a result of someone’s naive belief that a new programming language or application development environment will magically double the team’s productivity—despite the fact that the team was given no training or practice with the new technology and probably wasn’t even consulted about the decision to use the technology in the first place.

What is more important is limiting the scope of the product, negotiating requirements a lot of them can be relaxed or even rejected and deadlines, caring about hiring right people, organizing frequent demos for customers and assuring daily and reliable project builds. To ask other readers questions about Death Marchplease sign up.

The staff has been reduced to less than half the number that would normally be assigned to a project of this size and scope; thus, instead of being given a project team of 10 people, the project manager has been told that only five people are available. Business culture pressures, such as the corporate pursuit of short-term maximization of profits, may play a role in addition to mere incompetence.