DECRETO 4975 DE 2009 PDF

obligatorio de salud contributivo POS) and the subsidised obligatory health plan . Ministerio de la Protección Social. Decreto /23rd December. 8. La crisis del sistema de salud es estructural. cuales fueron “graciosamente” consignados en los considerandos del Decreto de [7]. Decreto No. Descargar el con la Ley de y en desarrollo a lo dispuesto en el Decreto de 23 de diciembre de y. CONSIDERANDO.

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Land Code of 4 January Text No. Act of 16 May on copyright and neighbouring rights, as amended to 11 August Provides 209 the procedure for putting forward demands, conciliation decrrto, mediation, labour arbitration, procedure and conditions relating to strikes.

Memorandum of understanding between the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Turkey on cooperation in the field of fight against trade of persons and illegal migration. Also establishes State inspectors’ rights and functions of the Department director. Nos escriben Movilidad Me parece excelente la iniciativa de Mafe. Also contains provisions on the conclusion of a labour contract, payment of wages, social drcreto, occupational accidents or diseases, and the termination of employment.

Provides, inter alia, for measures to improve social partnership and defines additional powers to secreto given to trade unions to that end, including participation in the work of joint bodies of State administration and in managing bodies of enterprises, and defense of the labour rights of workers who are trade union members when concluding or terminating contracts of employment.

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Help me to find this decreto de pdf merge. Provides for preparation for liberation and liberation of persons having served a prison sentence, and role of bodies in charge of assisting those persons for job placement and domestic organization. Repeals point 1 of Decree No. Penal Code of 9 July Text No. Chapter 23 deals with crimes against constitutional rights and decrdto of persons and citizens.


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Done at Minsk on 28 July Se puede entender que el sector judicial tenga confusiones al respecto, Pero no el ministerio de la Salud. Sets forth State programmes and standards, industrial control, fundamental requirements of radiation protection, radiation protection in the event of an accident, rights and obligations of citizens and social associations in this field.

Investigation and registration of occupational diseases Chapter V: Defines beneficiaries inter alia, families and disabled persons and level of income to benefit from the assistance. Decree of 3 November to approve the Rules of labour protection during the accomplishment of agricultural works by minor pupils. Amends section, and of the Land Code concerning the cadastre and land evaluation. Me parece excelente la iniciativa de Mafe.

LEY DE – docs. Decree of the Ministry of Commerce No. Rules of 15 July to be applied in preparing and considering documents submitted for the State registration of political parties, trade unions, other public associations, as well as in registering their organizational structures.

Decree of the Ministry of Health No. Sources of financing of the expenses for the payment of minimum wage Article 8.

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Provides for principles and conditions of administrative liability, and types of administrative sanctions. Provides, inter alia, for the basic tasks of the control bodies: Provides for the establishment of a National Council to ensure cooperation between the Government and the Republic-level confederations of employers and trade unions in the implementation of social and economic policy and the protection of workers’ rights and citizens’ economic and social interests.

Contains a consolidated version of the Refugees Act of 22 February and amends section 4 of the Act on the legal status of foreigners and stateless persons. Provides for legal bases and general principles for the organization of the registration of citizens for State social insurance, and for the rights and obligations of the insured and of contributors. Amends point 5 of Section Contains provisions on general safety requirements before, during and after work, and in cases of emergency.


Special investigation of occupational accidents Chapter IV: Amends provisions on wages of workers of the apparatus of Presidiums of Belarussian Academies. The general trend in thermal generation is a decline in petroleum-based fuels and a growth in natural gas and coal. In both cases, we treat the resulting hospital or hospitals as new institutions. Provides for general security requirements, before and during work, during the transport of loads, and in case of emergency.

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Amends Decrrto 2, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, 17, 20, 24 and 29 of the Decree on measures to improve salary conditions of workers of organisations financed by the state.

Liability for the violation of the legislation on the establishment and procedure of increase of minimum wage Article 9. Deals with granting conditions, level of benefits, means of calculation and payment.

Consideration of the discussion on the issues of the application of the legislation on establishment and procedure of increase of minimum wage. Adds a second provision to the first part of section 3 providing that the activity of trade unions can be limited in the cases provided for by the legislative acts of the Republic in the interest of national security and public order, or to guarantee rights and liberties of other persons. Deals, inter alia, with requirements for workplaces, heating, ventilation and air conditionning, lighting, noise and vibration, fire security, organisation of workplaces, and work deecreto.

Contains numerous modifications relating, inter alia, to the extension of pension grant to unemployed citizens and to several other categories of beneficiaries.