All of these definitions come from The Meaning of Liff and The Deeper Meaning of Liff, both by Douglas Adams and John Lloyd. All of the words. The Meaning of Liff .. The secret Masonic method for dealing with a grimsby is as follows: remove it carefully with the silver tongs provided. The Deeper Meaning of Liff has ratings and reviews. MLE said: I will admit it, if anyone else had written an entire book of definitions that th.

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A business card in your wallet belonging to someone whom you have no recollection of meeting. The involuntary abdominal gurgling which fills the silence following someone else’s intimate personal revelation. Sudden stab of hypocrisy which goes through the mind when taking vows as a godparent.

A plastic sachet containing shampoo, polyfilla, etc.

The Deeper Meaning of Liff

Tall young men who stand around smiling at weddings as if to suggest that they know the bride rather well. Allowing yourself to be persuaded to do something maening pretending to be reluctant. The minimum time it is necessary to spend frowning in deep concentration at each picture in an art gallery in order that everyone else doesn’t think you’re a complete ligf.

Anyone who has ever found Marmite stains on a dress-shirt, or seagull goo on a dinner jacket a knows all about sutton and cheam, and b is going to some very curious dinner parties.

Or that a sidcup is one of those hats you make out of a handkerchief with the corners tied in knots? Dec 20, Sara rated it it was amazing. The quality of not being able to pee while being watched. View all 3 comments. Many authorities believe that congs provide conclusive proof of the exstence of a now extinct form of yellow vegetable which the Victorians used to boil mercilessly.


Another edition in the series, Afterliffhas been released, with more entries contributed by Lloyd, Jon Canter and Douglas Adams’ daughter Polly.

He sent a note of apology to Jennings. The gooey drips of wax that dribble down the sides of a candle.

An opening gambit before a game of chess where the missing pieces are replaced by small ornaments from the mantelpiece. Meanijg 26, Pages. My hometown of Tampa was redefined as “the sound of a rubber eraser coming to rest after dropping off a desk in a very quiet veeper. That part of a song lyric which you suddenly discover you’ve been mishearing for years.

A lot of entertaining definitions attached to repurposed place names. So I have to pass it on for the next person to enjoy. A lulworth defines the amount of the length, loudness and embarrassment of a statement you make when everyone else in the room unaccountably stops talking at the same moment.

Stay in Touch Sign up. A posthumous collection of essays and other material, including an incomplete novel, was published as The Salmon of Doubt in His fans and friends also knew Adams as an environmental activist and a lover of fast cars, cameras, the Macintosh computer, and other “techno gizmos”.

This book is full of rather witty reassignments for place names that aren’t being used for much anyway. The most deformed potato in any given collection of potatoes. Over the last decade, QI founder John Lloyd has been “patiently squirrelling away” new examples to create Afterliff, which will also include contributions from Adams’s daughter Polly Adams and his old friend novelist Jon Canter.

A plumber’s assistant who never knows where the actual plumber is. A small drink which mezning nurses for hours so they can stay in the pub. Return to Book Page. To shout boisterously from a cliff.


Douglas Adams. The Meaning of Liff

To make vague opening or cutting movements with the hands when wandering about looking for a tin opener, scissors, etc. A dictionary litf things that don’t have classifications or words. It is THE perfect toiletside booklet, it seems to me. The odd twinges you get in parts of your body when you scratch other parts.

Douglas Adams’s Meaning of Liff redefined

Oct 20, David rated it liked it. A common object or experience for which no word yet exists. They quickly realized that just as there are an awful lot of experiences that no one has a name for, so there are an awful lot of names for places you will never need to go to.

The topmost tread of a staircase which disappears when you’re climbing the stairs in darkness. Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. The eldest male in a soap opera family.

Isn’t the world a better place now that we have Douglas Adams’s ,iff to this puzzling deepet The main part of the book is set out like a dictionary — alphabetically, with recognizable abbreviations describing the words. To steal things not worth the bother of stealing. Measure defined as the distance between a driver’s out-stretched fingertips and the ticket machine in an automatic car-park. Will you suffer from Kettering 5 this summer? An on-off relationship which never gets resolved.

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