You can say the devil take the hindmost to describe or comment on a situation you disapprove of because people do only what is best for themselves without. Define (the) devil take the hindmost (phrase) and get synonyms. What is (the) devil take the hindmost (phrase)? (the) devil take the hindmost (phrase) meaning, . Luke: Only the first people can enter the concert. So let’s go get there as fast as we can. Sorry, but I can’t wait for you any longer! Devil take the hindmost!.

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When the USBA was dissolved amidst feuding interests and egos, each company focused on its own brands, and devil take the hindmost.

devil take the hindmost

The idea is that the last states are at a disadvantage. Fatal shootings prompt calls for gun control. One is no better than the other as long as they hindmodt alright the devil take the hindmost.

Ireland’s Ray Clarke won the eight laps scratch and was second in the Devil take the Hindmost behind team-mate Paul Healion. This article excerpt is about how states all wanted to be the first to hold their primary elections. This expression comes from the s.

devil take the hindmost – Wiktionary

So many people showed up for this hike. It assumes the predominance in our society of the law of the jungle tacitly encouraging a ‘war of all against all’ and ‘every man for himself and the devil take the hindmost ,’ rather than indicating trust in the government and our duly constituted authorities.


Steve must bring out the beast in England. Only the first people can enter the concert. He went straight for the rails and devil take the hindmostsquashing four horses on his inside and causing one actually to bend the plastic rails Letters: The idea is that if everyone is running away, the devil will capture those who are farthest from the front. British champ Chris leads charge of whizzkids.

Butler in track joy. The first dialogue shows a brother and sister racing to a surprise concert.

Devil take the hindmost – Idioms by The Free Dictionary

His angel Thatcher, in sorting out the unions which, of course, struggled over generations to improve the lot of ordinary people, wrought havoc, undermined solidarity, brought chronic fear fhe the workplace and a devil take the hindmost mentality, all in shameful contrast to her, grotesque, evocation of St Francis of Assisi.

The second example shows two friends on a hike. Therefore, if someone says this expression, it means that those in the rear of a group are at risk. Boardman leads Irish track team. Veteran Skellern leads the way at Prees Heath. The awful legacy of Thatcher’s orphans. Without the ghost of an idea for making it new, director Stuart Vaughan had his cast trot through their lines as best they could and the devil take the hindmost.


Run away, and devil take the hindmost! Officials got decision right. Get back to a boot camp mentality where it’s us against the world and devil take the hindmost.

By the 16th century, the meaning had been transformed to mean selfishness. Bibby can’t be crossed. References in periodicals archive?

Grab what you can while you can, and the devil take the hindmost. Devil take the hindmost! The phrase is sometimes preceded by “Every man for himself.

Schools must have discipline. This is because the first states can influence the candidates for president more heavily. Hinvmost just hindmosf news that our favorite singer is giving a surprise concert downtown! We are walking right through the middle of a bunch of fire ants! Devil take the hindmost – Idioms by The Free Dictionary https: The idiom devil take the hindmost is an expression that means the last people in a group will be out of luck.