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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Edicions i Publicacions de la UdL Diseno de portada: Dylan Glynn Lund University: Towards an empirical observation-driven method for Cognitive and Functional Linguistics” Moderadora: Carmen Munoz Universitat de Barcelona Ponentes: Lluis Payrato Universitat de Barcelona Ponentes: Josep Jarque, Uni Hacia un espacio Schengen de las lenguas romanicas: More specifically, the analysis focuses on the possible effect of learners’ age and proficiency on CS and on the effect of a further factor that has received less attention in the literature: The study took place amongst Spanish – Catalan bilingual participants studying English mfjia answered by learners and minutes of class observation.

The 96 participants belonged to 10 classes: The meuia The existing literature in the field mainly focuses on two aspects: The present study tries to contribute to the field by taking a multifaceted lilar, since no previous studies we are aware of have analysed the relationship between CS, age, diidactica and type of activity in EFL.

Results showed that adults and teenagers’ CS behaviour was largely comparable, although adults at all proficiency levels were much more likely to use CS for switched for whole phrases.

In view of these findings the study concludes that the analysis of Ppascual and its implications for foreign language teaching practices may benefit from taking multiple factors into account, both learner: Coh-Metrix is freely available web-based software that takes plain text files as input and uses third party syntactic parsers, lexicons and databases mrjia measure 60 indices of linguistic and discourse characteristics.

These indices include traditional readability formu features. The present study uses the Coh-Metrix to explore argumen tative essays written by our 30 participants at the beginning of the study and determine which indices of formal grammatical knowledge. Following this, we analyze participants’ writing at two subsequent data collection times: Our own data is used to explore the utility of the Coh-Metrix for measuring differences and change learners’ make progress in writing in informal immersion contexts.

Analysis of text on cohesion meija language.

Ansiedad y genero en diferentes contextos de ensenanza-aprendizaje de ingles LE: AICLE y crecido vertiginosamente en la ultima decada. Siendo un estudio inter e intrasujeto, los cuestionarios fueron aplicados a ambos contextos de ensenanza-aprendizaje: El analisis de los resultados se realizo con el paquete estadistico SPSS.

In Rosa Maria Learners’ perceptions of their experiences of learning subject content through a63 3 Lasagabaster, David; Sierra, Juan Manuel. The impact of foreign language mediated teaching on teachers’ sense of34 3 A closer look at CLIL. Teachers’concerns and uncertainties about the14, Nevertheless, the reported linguistic benefits have often overshadowed the cultural benefits.


El Argonauta. La librería de la música.

Attaining didcatica competence is considered ture levels of cultural sensitivity were a strong predictor of students’ improvements in linguistic skills. How effective are short-term study abroad pikar in students’ development of cross-cultural sensitivity immersed abroad? Would those students with a high pre-departure index in cross-cultural sensitivity gain significantly in cross-cultural sensitivity over those with a low pre-departure index?

Fourteen Ohio University students participated in the study. They were registered in a week study abroad program in Toledo, Spain. Before they traveled abroad, students participated in four pre-departure orientation ses sions and completed the Inventory of Cross-Cultural Sensitivity ICCS questionnaire Cushner, While abroad, participants lived with host families, attended upper division classes in Spanish, and were Results point to significant differences in certain variables and not others.

Paradoxically, those students with high scores in the pre-departure ICCS did not experience msica gains in cross-cultural sen sitivity over those with low scores in the pre-departure ICCS.

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The impact of the findings on students’ cross-cultural sensitivity – students’ perceptions of their cultural integration, particularly at the end their Bennett, M. A developmental model of intercultural sensitivity. Predicting changes in oral skills. Context, contact, and cognition in oral fluency acquisition: Attention Control in L2 Phonological Acquisition However, AC error rates in shift and repeat trials were significantly correlated discrimination scores, indicating iplar participants’ ability to focus attention on a specific acoustic dimen sion was related to their perceptual performance.

These findings highlight the role of individual differences in 1.

Phonological memory, attention control, and musical ability: Costs of a predictable switch between mejoa cognitive tasks. Automaticity and second language acquisition. Automaticity in second language learning, in: Lq windowing of attention. Behavior, Attitude, and Motivation in the Learning of Catalan at Advanced Levels The present study examines the profile of the advanced learner of Catalan level C as a means of un study of Catalan. To answer these questions, adult students in advanced level courses were drawn from several study This research follows the theoretical framework established by R.

Gardner in his works on K. The theoretical complexity offered by these works has brought the network languages learning contexts, and proficiency levels.

Músiques del Món by Pablo Gil Trilles on Prezi Next

A similar Catalan study Bernado, profile have emerged. Contrary to the original study, two-thirds of the participants were found to be native-born Catalan speakers.

Analisi factorial dels pila d’aprenentatge del catala com a llengiia segona i relacio amb el nivell, el temps d’estada, l’edat i el centre d’estudi dels alumnes. Attitudes, Orientations, and Motivations in Language Learning: Advances in Theory, Z. The Language Contact Profile. Multilingualism and language attitudes: Local versus immigrant students’ perceptions.

The Ulpan in Wales: A study in motivation. New Orientations in Language Learning Motivation: Bilingual piilar of a heritage language Basque and the dominant language English in a migrant setting: The second generation immigrants learned Basque from their parents in childhood, immigrants in Reno and Boise, 16 of whom reported Basque as their first language LI.


This is remarkable given the restricted quality and quantity of input they receive e. In general, they In our analysis, three factors appear as significant predictors of general proficiency in Basque, namely strength of concern for pronunciation accuracy e.

Those participants who exhibited an outstanding performance in Basque also presented either a high degree of concern for pronunciation accuracy or a high degree d identification i.

The good, the bad, and the indifferent. M B De Groot eds. Methodological and Conceptual Issues. In1, Where does the difference lie?.

Lexical plasticity in early bilinguals does not alter phoneme categories: Additionally, a quantitative analysis was conducted to explore the amount and density of learners’ productions as well as the com Results from the holistic assessment indicated that CLIL learners obtained significantly higher scores in all the linguistic scales analysed except for pronunciation. With regard to the quantitative assessment, CLIL learners’ discourse was made up of significantly richer and denser contributions, as attested by their significantly higher scores in the ‘words per turn’ and ‘utterances per turn’ CHILDES ratios.

Additionally, CLIL learners were found to resort to compensation strategies such as ‘native language transfer’ or ‘in terviewer help demand’ to a significantly lesser extent than non-CLIL learners. An overview and comparison.

RJL MUSIC | Stoke-on-Trent

Competencia comunicativa, competencia linguistica, comprension lectora y web 2. Entre otras partes importantes de la Web 2. El aprendizaje del didqctica durante el verano: El presente estudio tiene como finalidad la comparacion de estos tres contextos de aprendizaje del ingles en ninos y adolescentes: Otra caracteristica especifica de este estudio es la duracion de los tres programas que se comparan, que instruccion ver por ejemplo, Collins and White, o estancias linguisticas de corta duracion ver El estudio de los tres programas cortos de aprendizaje estival tiene dos objetivos: Para medir el nivel general de lengua se admi Munoz, Para identificar los rasgos diferenciales de los tres contextos se realizo untrabajo de campo observaciones pautadas y notas de campo y se administro un cuestionario al final de los programas.

Los pilae apuntan a un mejoa diferencial segun contexto y edad del alumno. Findings, implications, and future research.

Learning context and its effects on second language acquisition. An intensive look at intensity and language learning. Context of learning and second language fluency in French. Estrategias para el plurilinguismo: El diseno del estudio se basa en una investigation llevada a cabo en Alemania Gibson, Hufeisen, [1] pero se distingue en lo siguiente: La correlation de los resultados del test con los perfiles linguisticos permitio seleccionar a 9 participantes para un estudio Los resultados del estudio confirmaron las hipotesis planteadas.

Actualmente el plurilinguismo se convierte en un fenomeno comun 17 de 18 participantes son plurilingues con una media de 3 lenguas 2. Para entender una lengua desconocida los aprendientes plurilingues suelen aprovechar sus conocimien 3.