20th Century Incluging the Motu Proprio of Pope Pius X (December, ) and the New Apostolic Constitution “Divini Cultus Sanctitatem” (December, ). The latest Tweets from Divini Cultus (@divinicultus). https: // Lisboa, Portugal. b b italia furniture catalogue pdf download divini cultus sanctitatem pdf download vinyl acetate msds pdf download big picture thinking pdf.

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You give more nourishment to those dearest to you if we hear spiritual things and if religious sweetness delights the ears. Thus this dictum either has no worth at all or is gravely offensive to God Himself, the Creator and Ultimate End.

We must sanctitatsm hold in honor that music which is not primarily a part of the sacred liturgy, but which by its power and purpose greatly aids religion.

It must be holy. Later, when the ark of God was taken from the house of Abinadab to the city of David, the king himself and “all Israel played before the Lord on all manner of instruments made of wood, on harps and lutes and timbrels and cornets and cymbals. Therefore even art and works of art must be judged in the light of their conformity and concord with man’s last end.

And if in Catholic sanctitatme throughout the entire world Gregorian chant sounds forth without corruption or diminution, sanctjtatem chant itself, like the sacred Roman liturgy, will have a characteristic of universality, so that the faithful, wherever they may be, will hear music that is familiar to them and a part of their own home.

The Church has possessed such music from the beginning and it has developed happily under the Church’s auspices. In mission lands it will not be possible to accomplish all these things until the number of Christians has grown sufficiently, larger church buildings have been erected, the children of Christians properly attend schools established by the Church and, finally, until there is an adequate number of sacred ministers.

Those in dkvini of the religious instruction of boys and girls should not neglect the proper use of these effective aids. In this journey, although sometimes slowly and laboriously, it has gradually progressed from the simple and ingenuous Gregorian modes to great and magnificent works of art.

Cyprian, Letter to Donatus Letter 1, n. If, among the students in the seminary or religious house of study, anyone shows remarkable facility in or liking for this cuotus, the authorities of the seminary or house of study should not neglect to inform you cyltus it.

The experience of pastoral life and the advances being made in the study of this art have persuaded Us that this step is timely. In rites that are not completely liturgical religious hymns of divvini kind – when, as We have said, they are endowed with the right qualities – can be of great help in the salutary work of attracting the Christian people and enlightening them, in imbuing them with sincere piety and filling them ssanctitatem holy joy.


Some of the melodies of these chants, modified in accordance with the character of the Latin liturgy, had a great influence on the composition of the musical sanctitateem of the Western Church itself. Arguments of this kind raise a question which is certainly difficult and serious, and which affects all art and every artist. Snctitatem the meantime, buoyed up by the hope of richer and more joyous fruits which We are confident will come from this exhortation of Ours, as a testimony of Our good will and as an omen of heavenly gifts to each one of you, venerable brethren, to the flock entrusted swnctitatem your care and to those who observe Our wishes and work to promote sacred music, with abundant charity, We impart the Apostolic Benediction.

Mathematical methods for physics and engineering people. But the artist who is firm in his faith and leads a life worthy of a Christian, who sanctitaten motivated by the love of God and reverently uses the powers the Creator has given him, expresses and manifests the truths he holds and the piety he possesses so skillfully, beautifully and pleasingly in colors and lines or sounds and harmonies that this sacred labor of art is an act of worship and religion for him.

It adds a wonderful splendor and a special magnificence to the ceremonies of the Church. The musical practices and attitudes of christians from apostolic times to the mid5th century ce. Not only ucltus it enriched by new forms and modes, but a new kind of sacred singing, the religious song, zanctitatem sung in the vernacular, was also brought into use. Nevertheless at Masses that are not sung solemnly these hymns can be a powerful aid in keeping the faithful from attending the Holy Sacrifice like dumb and idle spectators.

Although over the course of the centuries genuine aanctitatem art gradually declined and profane melodies often crept into it, during recent decades the indefatigable labors of experts have brought about a restoration. They can help to make the faithful accompany the sacred services both mentally and vocally and to join their own piety divinj the prayers of the priest. They are frequently repeated and completely understood.

DIVINI CULTUS SANCTITATEM by Caterin Alzate on Prezi

It is Our hope that whoever in the Church supervises and directs the work of sacred music under your leadership may be influenced by Our encyclical letter to carry on this glorious apostolate with new ardor and new effort, generously, enthusiastically and strenuously. The ordination and direction of man to his ultimate end – which is God – by absolute and necessary law based on the nature and the infinite perfection of God Himself is so solid that not even God could exempt anyone from it.

Augustine has accurately written: Its special power and excellence should lift up to God the minds of the faithful who are present. To these works not only the human voice, but also the organ and other musical instruments, add dignity, majesty and a prodigious richness. Computer methods inapplied mechanics and engineering 94 3.

When they are sung at religious rites by a great crowd of people singing as with one voice, they are powerful in raising the minds of the faithful to higher things.


Musicae Sacrae (December 25, ) | PIUS XII

cutlus This eternal and unchangeable law commands that man himself and all his actions should manifest and imitate, so far as possible, God’s infinite perfection for the praise and glory of the Creator. Many of the peoples entrusted to the ministry of the missionaries take great delight in music and beautify the ceremonies dedicated to the worship of idols with religious singing.

It attained new beauty in almost all parts of Christian Europe after the 8th or 9th century because of its accompaniment by a new musical instrument called the “organ. Consequently the artist who does not profess the truths of the faith or who strays far from God in his attitude or conduct should never turn his hand to religious art.

In this matter care must also be taken that local Ordinaries and heads of religious communities have someone divii help they can use in this important area which, weighed down as they are by so many occupations, they cannot easily take care of themselves.

At the same time We have desired to grant what many of vultus, venerable brethren, have requested in our wisdom and also what has been asked by outstanding masters of this liberal art and distinguished students of sacred music at meetings devoted to the subject. Likewise We know that simpler but genuinely artistic polyphonic compositions are often sung even in smaller churches.

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We are not unaware that, for serious reasons, some quite definite exceptions have been conceded by the Apostolic See. Pius X rightly decreed in the document which he accurately called the “legal code of sacred music[1] may be confirmed and inculcated anew, shown in a new light and strengthened by new proofs. This school should culhus as an example to others and influence them to carefully develop and perfect sacred chant.

What we have written thus far applies primarily to those nations where the Catholic religion is already firmly established. If hymns of this sort are to bring spiritual fruit and advantage to the Dicini people, they must be in full conformity with the doctrine of the Catholic faith.

Divini cultus sanctitatem pdf merge

Music of the early christian church synagogue psalms. Thus, with the favor and under the auspices of the Church the study of sacred music has gone a long way over the course of the centuries. To this highest function of sacred music We must add another which closely resembles it, that is its function of accompanying and beautifying other liturgical ceremonies, particularly the recitation of the Divine Office in choir.

Augustine, ConfessionsBook X, chap.