Hi everyone! First time posting. Does anyone have opinions on the Drawmer M?. Find great deals for Drawmer M Stereo Compressor Limiter Auto-pan Gate De-esser and Expander. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Drawmer M dynamics processor in excellent little rack rash, very clean, some scratches top and bottom lidOnly minor use in smoke free.

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Three switched ratio settings of 1: The desired combination of processing to deal with low frequency energy, the vocal mid range and high frequency detail and enhancement is not necessarily available from any one manufacturer.

LX20 – Dual Expander Compressor.

Drawmer M500 Stereo Compressor Limiter Auto-pan Gate De-esser and Expander

Log in E-mail address Password? M500 enter a valid e-mail address. The Drawmer M provides everything you could ask from the most powerful digitally controlled dynamics in the world and more.

By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Digital Gain with four mode limiter for max level.

Previous product Product 3 of 4 Next product. Did you find this review helpful? Auto Fade with selectable fade shape and Rounding to 16,18,20,24 bit using 4 selectable dither shapes.

The traditional professional solution has been to use an expensive master clock that drives all the digital equipment in the studio, but in many different types of studios there are often pieces of equipment that don’t have wordclock inputs such as consumer CD players, MD recorders, DAT machines and budget computer soundcards. Its ability to combine up to seven ‘effects’ simultaneously is unsurpassed. Logged adamcal Newbie Offline Posts: A multi section delay having a maximum delay time of 80mS, has taps at 10mS, 30mS, 50mS and 80 mS which are fed to either channel 1 or channel 2 by the touch button selectors.

Single ‘more compress’ control. All parameters of operation can be adjusted by a single rotary encoder. If the peak limiter frawmer is exceeded for more than a few milliseconds, additional drzwmer reduction will be applied to reduce the overall signal level to within accepted limits without distortion. The input level is displayed with a 3 colour ‘traffic light’ style LED meter.


drawker Automatic dither generation maintains signal purity and a linear power supply minimizes interference with the internal clocks. Expander to eliminate low level noise. The MX40 Pro Punch Gate is a high performance, simple to use 1U four channel noise gate that offers the same extraordinary sonic character, ingenuity, and high technical specification that have made Drawmer the world standard in gating technology.

In applications where the dynamics of the material need to m5000 retained to create an open sound, the limiter is essential for catching peaks. In live sound, outboard applications such as drum processing or vocals can be dealt with in one easy to use unit, with both auto and manual operation. I’ve only used it basically, but you can get pretty in depth with it if you so choose, as you’ve got the option of running seven processors at once.

In our shop you can find professional recording equipment from the analog era as well as some pro audio and tv-broadcastiing gear.

June 13, I can sell it for cheap or trade it for a RNC if you like to This means that true phasing can occur at several points in the sweep from min to max delay as each main delay tap in turn cancels the signal from the auxilliary delay.

Separate analogue output level controls on both Channel and Stereo Mix outputs.

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Account Account My account My order history My wish list. Further to this there are LED’s to show bypass, stereo link status and vrawmer input A 50Hz ‘rumble’ filter with a slope of 18dB per octave is available independently on both channels In addition to draqmer full system bypass, the expander and filter can be switched out of the audio path separately, enabling easy comparisons to be made.

Frequancy selection erawmer by means of stepped rotary switches while the cut and boost controls are continuously variable. This in our view, gave the best of both worlds; the smoothness of purely passive filtering combined with the low noise, low distortion amplification which can only be accomplished using recent technology. As a result the inexperienced user gains the benefits of Drawmer quality and performance, combined with lower cost and simplicity of operation.


Drawner front panel LED indicates temperature status. It has many features, it is all digital inside, has compressor, limiter, de-esser, gate, can be used as stereo or dual mono, has fast and slow modes, auto gain compensation.

Drawmer Electronics – Archive

If you want to offer us some equipment for purchase or trade in some gear, please refer to the “purchase” section. Backlit ‘supertwist’ LCD for easy readability.

Its ability to combine up to seven ‘effects’ simultaneously is unsurpassed. As you can see, it’s got the full range of dynamic processing, all with their own parameters and presets and all that.

Each gate channel can be operated as HARD – offering ultra-fast response time, stable triggering and a specialized release contour which is ideally suited to percussive material or SOFT – a versatile Expander capable of handling vocals and sub mixes.

If you are sure you are already registered, please check the e-mail address you entered as user name. The dynamic envelope amplitude of any sound can be simply recorded and imposed onto any audio signal passing through the gate. Analogue output level does not affect digital out. A maximum of 18dB drawner cut may be applied. In ‘Peak’ mode the ‘Q’ of the filter is 2.

If you have multiple pieces of digital equipment in your studio, whether professional n500 a mixture of professional and consumer, M-Clock is probably the most effective upgrade you can make for anything like the price.