and only for the purposes described in this manual. The E5CN, E5CN-U, E5AN, and E5EN are Digital Temperature Controllers. The E5CN and E5CN-U are both . E5CN/E5AN/E5EN Digital Temperature Controllers User’s Manual Basic Temperature Controllers Communications Manual Basic Type (Cat. The free ThermoMini Parameter Copy Software can be used to reach E5CN parameters E5CN Temperature Controller Communications User’s Manual ( Cat.

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No function is assigned to alarm output 3.

Not doing so may occasionally result in unexpected events. Other Functions Improved visibility A 7-segment digital display also possible.


Page Section Manuall Manual Control Note In balanceless-bumpless operation, the MV before switching is used initially after the switch and then gradually changed to achieve the proper value after switch to prevent radical changes in the MV after switching operation. Page to operation level Alarm 2 to 3 type initial setting level: Page initial setting level Alarm 1 type initial setting level: Characteristics Indication accuracy Thermocouple See note 1.

No patent liability is assumed with respect to the use of the information e5cm herein. Section Alarm Outputs Set value Alarm type Alarm output operation When alarm value X When alarm janual X is positive is negative Lower-limit with standby sequence Absolute-value upper- limit Absolute-value lower-limit Absolute-value upper- limit with standby sequence Absolute-value lower-limit with standby sequence LBA alarm 1 type only Note Protected parameters are not dis- played regardless of the conditions for use, but the settings of these parame- ters are still valid.


Turn the power ON.

Page 41 Tighten the screws to a torque of 0. A ramp is used to restrict the change width of the set point as a rate of change.

The following example shows using a simple program with the pro- gram pattern set to STOP. Initial setting level To limit the SP setting Page 10 The degree of protection is as shown below. N connection is being used, ensure that the communications specifications for all devices in the system except the communications Unit No. Press the U or D key to set the manual MV. To return to the operation level, press the O key for at least one second. Refers to control in which the MV is proportional to the deviation control error.

Function Setting range Unit Set the maximum permissible change width per unit of time as the SP ramp set value. Tighten the screws to a torque of 0. Setting a negative value produces an overlapping band. No assignment Control output heat- ing C-O: The following diagrams show the available outputs and their internal equalizing circuits. Next calibrate the B-B’ input. Section Shifting Input Values Method for a 2-point Use a 2-point input shift if you want to increase the accuracy of the readout Shift values across the range of the sensor.

The previous and improved models can be distinguished by the front panel, as shown below. The default is c C. Page 5 Performance data given in this manual is provided as a guide for the user in determining suitability and does not constitute a warranty. Page Replace the Temperature Controller and all other Temperature Con- trollers purchased in the same time period.

This parameter selects the output type for linear current outputs.

Page Note Protection cannot be cleared or changed without the password. The display shows 0 to 20 mA Manuall 1, to 9, to numeric Input type in-t 2.


Omron E5CN User Manual

Control stops when you move from the operation level to the initial setting level. The set point can be switched by operating the keys on the front panel or by using external input signals event inputs.

Page cmwt Communications Writing Communications must be supported. Heater Current 1 Value Monitor Alarm 1 must be manusl. Green Outside stable band: Press the O key for at least three seconds to move from the operation Input type in-t The set point limiter is used to prevent the control target from reaching abnormal tem- maanual.

This parameter measures the heater current from the CT input used for detecting heater burnout. The following notation is used. Page Section Loop Break Alarm 3.

PageAlarm value upper limit 2, Alarm value lower limit 2: Do not use the product outdoors or in any of the following locations. Page 17 How to Read Display Symbols The following tables show the correspondence between the symbols displayed on the displays and alphabet characters. In the configuration shown in Figure 1, bring the set point to near the value at which the temperature of the control target is to be controlled.

Foreign particles Install the product in a location that is not subject to liquid or foreign particles entering the product.