2 Heavy Concerns about ECE-R 64 with TPMS –The ECE R64 is about temporary use spare wheels / tires. It is not made to specify TPMS. –There are two. R Temporary use spare unit, run flat tyres, run flat system and tyre http:// ECE R Supplement 2 Temporary use spare wheels/tyres, run flat tyres, run flat system and tyre pressure monitoring system.

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ECE regulations: ECE R Supplement 2

Precise definitions of these features may be found in Ecee No. Some customers wish to have the tyre pressure value indicated on the dashboard or that tyre pressure monitoring is effected by the system even when the vehicle is stationary, neither of which comfort features is fulfilled by an indirect system.

The whole speed range shall be covered during the test. Home Imprint Data privacy statement Sitemap.

Require a further test report from the Technical Service responsible for conducting the tests. Confirm the activation of the warning signal.

Upper case letters shall be at least 5mm high and wce numbers “” and “75” shall be at least 20mm high with the elements that make up each character of the number at least 3mm line thickness. The test shall be performed when there is no wind liable to affect the results.

If the system is blocked by external influence e. The sum of the total cumulative drive time shall be the lesser of 10min or the time at which the low tyre pressure tell-tale illuminates. Vehicle type if applicable, ec that are included: Can the system be used with run-flat tyres? Manufacturer’s name and address: A fully searchable, accurate, user-friendly resource for consolidated regulations that are updated quickly and frequently.


The normal frequency of these verifications shall be at least once per year.

A dash and the approval number to the right of the markings prescribed in Paragraphs 4. All InterRegs documents are formatted as PDF files and contain the full text, tables, diagrams and illustrations of the original as issued by the national government authority. Within the 5min of completing the learning phase, measure the warm pressure of the tyre s to be deflated.

When tested to this procedure, the TPMS shall illuminate the warning signal described in Paragraph 5. However, if use of the temporary-use spare unit is restricted to a specific axle, the test shall be carried out d64 with the temporary-use spare unit fitted to that axle.

Confirmation or refusal of approval, specifying the alterations, shall be notified by the procedure specified in Paragraph 4. In the vast majority of cases mobility will be maintained, therefore.

Frequently asked questions about DUNLOP TECH Warnair

The prescribed braking performance shall be obtained without any wheel-locking, deviation of the vehicle from eve intended course, abnormal vibration, abnormal wear of the tyre during the test or excessive steering correction.

Second-generation Warnair can be applied in vehicles of the categories M1 and N1 passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. The test shall be carried out with the temporary-use spare unit fitted alternately in place of one front e64 and one rear wheel. The axle loads resulting from the loading condition in accordance with Paragraph 1.


Vehicle features which significantly influence the performances of the tyre pressure monitoring system; 2. A retrofit installation into a vehicle is not yet possible. For vehicles equipped with cruise control, the cruise control shall not be engaged during testing. The application cee approval of a vehicle type with regard to its equipment with: Malfunction Detection Test 5.

The Administrative Department issuing the extension of approval shall assign a series number to each communication form drawn up for such an extension.

If the low tyre pressure signal did not illuminate, discontinue the test.

DUNLOP TECH |Tire pressure warning system -> Frequently asked questions

By continuing to browse the dce you are agreeing to our privacy and cookie policy. Any tyre pressure monitoring system fitted on a vehicle shall comply with the requirements of Regulation No. In the case of N Category vehicles approved to Regulation No.

Under normal conditions, both systems function well. The following text extract indicates the scope of the document, but does not represent the actual PDF content. Drive the vehicle along any portion of the test course.