A guideline on filling in the form “Einkommensbescheinigung / Confirmation of “Formulare > Formulare für Bürgerinnen & Bürger > Arbeitslosengeld II”. .. ACT Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Slovenia MINISTRY OF JUSTICE OF. Wir erinnern an Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftler sowie Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter unserer Universität, die verstorben sind. Bildquelle: pexels. Juli (Meffert et al. ). Nachdem eine verstärkte Kundenorientierung bereits seit einigen B. Einkommensbescheinigungen) werden die Unterlagen des leiten. Schaden regulieren. Schadens- formular ausfüllen. Schaden.

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These guidelines are available on the internet under also in the English, Russian and Turkish languages. The guidelines for confirmation of income and certificate of employment address employers.

Important note Please note that the application claim for benefits to ensure your livelihood will generally be backdated to the beginning of the month in question in accordance with 37 Para. As to paragraph 1 General note on the representation of the benefit community by the applicant Personal information on the applicant WBA paragraph 1b Applicant refers to the acting person, usually the representative of the benefit community Bedarfsgemeinschaft.

Basically, the person who applies for benefits applicant represents the benefit community. Only one application is necessary for the whole benefit community. At the same time, members of the benefit community can file an application themselves if they do not agree with a representation by the applicant. Legal representation is not required for this. When filling in the application as representative, you einkommensbescheknigung include all represented persons and coordinate with them basic information and information regarding them.

The members of the benefit community can also be represented only in part and, for example, fill in appendices EK and VM themselves. Incorrect or incomplete information can have the effect that illegitimately received benefits might have to be paid back.

Formjlar, this incorrect information can constitute an act of administrative or criminal offence.

Please note that formuoar Jobcenter obtains and evaluates information from third parties by means of automated data verification, e. Einmommensbescheinigung provide not only the bank account number but also your bank sorting code, to guarantee a swift transfer of money. The benefits are usually transferred cashless. You can also receive the benefits as clearing payment instruction Zahlungsanweisung zur Verrechnung. You or a person authorised by you can have this disbursed in cash at each paying office of Deutsche Post or Deutsche Postbank.

A transfer of the benefits in such a way is only free of charge if you cannot open a current account verifiably through no fault of your own because a bank or savings bank refused to do so.

A corresponding certification serves as proof of this. If you do not want to present this, you have to bear the costs for the special payment tormular. It is indicated on the notifications and letters from the Jobcenter, e.

The customer number also remains after discontinuation of receipt of benefits and application for new benefits. If you apply for benefits in accordance with SGB II, you receive an additional benefit community number Bedarfsgemeinschaftsnummer. Entering information here is only necessary if you know these numbers or you have already been informed of these numbers.

Personal information on granting of benefits WBA paragraph 2 You as the representative of the benefit community Bedarfsgemeinschaft are also asked to provide information according to your knowledge on the capacity to work of the represented members of the benefit community.

Capable of work means that you could work under the usual conditions of the general labour market at least three hours per day and are not inhibited from that due to sickness or disability for at least six months. People also count as capable of work if they temporarily cannot be expected to work, e.

Foreign nationals must be permitted to work or must have the possibility to gain permission to work. Please do not provide detailed information on sickness or disability. The date of the leaving certificate is decisive regarding the end date of school or training. This includes a stay in a mental hospital, a nursing home, a correctional facility, or a hospital. As to 2e Information on the persons in the benefit community WBA as to 2g As to 2f Explanation of the term household community WBA as to 2h As to paragraph 3 Granting of an additional requirement As to 3a Additional requirement for pregnant women WBA as to 3a As to 3d Costly diet WBA as to 3d A benefit community Bedarfsgemeinschaft comprises the beneficiary and the not permanently separated spouse, the not permanently separated registered partner or a person living together with the beneficiary in a community of responsibility and support Verantwortungs- und Einstehensgemeinschaft.


A community of responsibility and support means two partners living together in a common household, whereby, following a reasonable assessment of the circumstances, the mutual desire to bear responsibility for each other and to support each other is to be assumed.

This is assumed if partners have been living together for more than a year or with a common child, or children or relatives are being taken care of in the household, or partners have the permission to command the partner’s income and assets. If in doubt whether you and your partner live in a community of responsibility and support, please fill in appendix VE. An explanation of the term “community of responsibility and support” Verantwortungs- und Einstehensgemeinschaft can be found in the guidelines on appendix VE.

Moreover, the benefit community also comprises parents or one parent of a single child capable of work who lives in the household and is under 25 years of age. Persons who live in a household with you but do not belong to your benefit community Bedarfsgemeinschaft can belong to the household community Haushaltsgemeinschaft.

If they are directly related or related by marriage to you e. A pure flat-sharing community e. Benefits for special additional requirements WBA paragraph 3 Under certain conditions, benefits for additional requirements which are not covered by standard benefits are granted to one or several persons of the benefit community Bedarfsgemeinschaft.

Applying for an additional requirement is voluntary. However, if you do not provide information, no additional requirement can be granted ex officio. Please provide the appropriate certifications. A pregnancy can be certified, for example, by providing a doctor’s certificate or presenting a pregnancy record for inspection.

A doctor’s certificate can incur costs which are not borne by the Jobcenter. When presenting a pregnancy record, einkommensbeschelnigung copy is filed. If you require a costly diet due to reasons of health, a written confirmation by your attending physician is required. Please use the form available at the Jobcenter for that.

Also a medical certificate can be used for this, which only formulag the disease and the type of diet prescribed. The fees incurred for issuing the medical confirmation or certificate can be borne up to an appropriate amount currently EUR 5.

The documents will then be transferred within the scope of a formalised procedure to the Jobcenter’s medical service, which gives an opinion on the additional requirement. HIV, neurodermatitiscosts for the realisation of the right of contact and enkommensbescheinigung access in einkommensbescheinigyng case of separated parents can be borne the list is not exclusive. First and foremost, you must, however, cover this requirement with all means available.

One-time or short-term requirement peaks that are satisfied with the regular benefits e. Information on income WBA as to paragraph 4 The income of each individual member of the benefit community Bedarfsgemeinschaft is to be indicated.

All revenues in the form of money or money’s worth are to be considered as income. Thus, for the initial application, please fill in appendix EK for each member of the benefit community aged einkommensbescheonigung and over. If you apply for continued granting of benefits with the WBAit is sufficient to fill in appendix EK for each person in the benefit community aged 15 and over who has an income. Further information can be obtained from the guidelines on appendix EK.

Information on financial circumstances WBA as to paragraph 5 Assets include all items of property that can be used einkommensbeschelnigung sustain a livelihood of all persons living in the benefit community Bedarfsgemeinschaftirrespective of the fact whether they are available in Germany or abroad.

Therefore, please fill in appendix VM for all members of the benefit community. Further information can be obtained from the guidelines on appendix VM. Further information that can be important for the granting of benefits This information is required to examine whether you might be entitled to a priority claim for unemployment benefit Alg I in accordance with SGB III.


Please enter the information of the last einkommensbesxheinigung years in the table without any gaps. Besides the times of dependent employment covered by social insurance, this also includes times of self-employment and of care in the sense of SGB XI, since also these times provide the possibility of voluntary continued insurance coverage in unemployment insurance. Please also enter the times of receipt of parenting fkrmular Erziehungsgeld or times of military or civil service.

This information is only necessary for an initial application if you have received unemployment benefit before the application and this claim rests or has expired prematurely due to a period of exclusion of benefits. As to paragraph 7 WBA as to paragraph 6 Social insurance information This information is required in order to ensure health insurance for you and the members of your Enikommensbescheinigung. The Einkomemnsbescheinigung are obligated to provide the claimant with insurance cover against illness.

This includes the case that you are a voluntary member of einkommensbescheiniyung statutory health insurance. Please specify your health insurance number. Indicating the health insurance number is also recommended in this case. Einkommensbescheinigng family insured children, only the information on the decisive parent main insured person is required.

Freie Universität Berlin

If the requirements for family insurance met by more than one members of the family e. From 1st Januarythe recipients of unemployment benefit II are no longer liable to contribution payments in the statutory pension insurance. Therefore, no contributions to pension insurance are made. The period of receipt of unemployment benefit II is, however, reported to the pension insurance provider, which then checks whether there is a period of consideration. Please indicate your pension insurance number for this report.

Third parties can be divorced or separated spouses, the father or mother of an illegitimate child, parents and adult children or children with own assets or income. For these maintenance obligations, you must provide an existing maintenance order divorce decree, paternity decree, etc. Documents of this type are generally not filed during the initial application.

The Jobcenters only note that you provided the certificates. An exception from this rule exists if, after thorough examination, it can be determined that a maintenance claim has demised to the Jobcenter. In this case, the documents necessary to pursue the claims are copied and filed.

When the copies are no longer needed claim has been settled or barredthey will be destroyed. The presentation of an original document may become necessary in individual cases e.

If the need of assistance of the applicant or a member of the benefit community is caused by a damaging event, please inform your Jobcenter.

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Further information can be obtained from the guidelines on appendix UF. Claims against third-parties include contractual payment claims, contractual claims for damages, claims of unjust enrichment ff. BGBrepayment claims relating to bestowments Para. Please fill in appendix SV to apply for an extra payment. The information on social insurance is required to apply for a pension insurance number because persons capable of work aged 15 and older have health and nursing care insurance coverage due to their receipt of Alg II UB II.

The pension insurance number is also required for reporting times of UB II receipt to the pension insurance provider. Costs that can generally not be considered are costs for reserved parking, electricity, GEZ TV license fees, cable charges, rent for garage and costs for telephone.

Standard benefits do not include the costs for water heating. These costs are included as part of the accommodation costs. If warm water is provided by facilities installed in your accommodation, such as a boiler, etc.

The name, address and bank details of the landlord are only necessary if the costs for accommodation are to be transferred directly to the landlord.