As the probe is lifted off the surface the gauge displays the average coating thickness value, the highest thickness and the lowest thickness values. Each set of. Ferrous Metal Coating Thickness Gauge, Separate (Requires Probe) | Model B Note: The Elcometer Separate gauges require the use of a compatible. Results 1 – 50 of 53 The new Elcometer Coating Thickness Gauge sets new standards making measuring dry film thickness faster. Reliable and accurate, the.

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Each individual reading is stored into the memory. We have wide range of Elcometer products those are available in India. Elcomete with an Elcometer test certificate and a set of calibration foils. If you are new to measuring coating thickness, visit our page on learning more about Coating Thickness Gauges. Visit our partner page: V-Probe Adaptor Ideal for precision placement for the most accurate results on medium and large diameter curved surfaces such as pipes and cylinders.

Check out our Integral “All-in-One” Models.

This straight probe is specifically designed to measure the thicknesa on both flat and curved surfaces. Each probe placement jig is supplied with a probe housing and a component holder to suit Scale 1 or Scale 2 straight probes.

Elcometer Coating Thickness Gauge

Supplied with an Elcometer test certificate and a set of calibration foils. Plug-in probes convert a separate to an integral gauge. Large surfaces area probes for soft materials HVCA approved. Probe with heavy duty metal reinforced cables for superior durability and accuracy in harsh environments.


This model includes memory that stores up to yhickness, readings and up to 2, batch files; each are capable of elconeter a distinct calibration. Highly durable and precision milled ‘snap on’ replaceable probe cap allows users to take individual readings or rapidly scan large surface areas – without damaging the probe or the coating.

Elcometer Coating Thickness Gauge Probe Range A range of fully interchangeable probes for the Elcometer separate coating thickness gauge. Integral paint thickness gauges and tester are suitable single operated system with help of internal probes Bigfoot that gives you accurate data in dry film thickness measurement by DFT meter. Straight probe for measuring coating on both flat and curved surfaces.

Findings of accurate thickness give you better product performance. Protects screens from damage due to overspray and blast media. The Elcometer Separate gauges require the use of a compatible probe – Sold Separately.

Learn more about the range of Elcometer models by reading our Elcometer model specifications page. Dry film thickness tnickness coating thickness gauge are designed to perform their oriented function with applied optimize DFT ranges as preferred by manufactures.

Beginning with Model E and ending with Model T, the Elcometer is available in four different models. Zero offset 4 ; for calibration according to ISO The Elcometer bench top stand is specifically designed to hold the Elcometer and Elcometer separate gauges.


Digital Coating Thickness Gauge | Elcometer Separate

Ideal for measuring thick coatings over ferrous metal substrates. Right angled probe with mini measuring head.

This video will guide you through a range of calibration options for both the integral and the separate models. Allowing for consistent, repeatable and accurate dry film thickness results. We wish you and yours a Happy Holiday Season!

Ferrous Metal Coating Thickness Gauge, Separate (Requires Probe) | Model B | Elcometer 456

This model stores up to 1, readings in a single batch file, and readings may be sent directly to a computer via Bluetooth or USB. The Elcometer sets new standards, providing reliable and accurate coating thickness measurement, helping you elcmoeter become more efficient.

Separate models, with their wide range of probesprovide even greater measurement flexibility. Ideal for measuring coatings on flat or curved surfaces.

For use on flat surfaces. Ideal for edges, narrow pipes and small surfaces areas. App Store is a trademark of Apple Inc.