Decision at Thunder Rift has ratings and 42 reviews. Battletech is the exciting and innovative role-playing game of a future world that combines non-. BattleTech Legenden 01 – Gray Death 1: Entscheidung am Thunder Rift (German Edition) – Kindle edition by William H. Keith Jr., Reinhold H. Mai. Download it. Entscheidung am Thunder Rift. Battletech. Erster Roman der Gray Death- Trilogie . [William H. Keith] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Standard tie-in tripe, only to be read if you are curious about the fiction side of Battletech. Aug 04, Entscheicung Geiger rated it liked it.

The world, combat, and mechs did not disappoint. A good starting point, and certainly something fans of the Battletech games should read. It’s a bit action movie but sometimes that’s what you’re after!

At the very least the author tries to make the ending a little unconventional, but it cannot save the book from its flaws. Open Preview See a Problem?

I devoured thunxer book back inand I can only call it a bit painful to read today. Lovely action, drama, and explosive action.

So if you don’t mind countless typographical and innumerable punctuational errors, or if you just can’t find this book anywhere else, then pull on your neurohelmet and strap yourself in for an exciting, unforgettable ride in the near Periphery of Battletech space. This is a great primer for the Battletech Universe.

Grayson Carlyle is like many before him – a young man of destiny thrown into the teeth of danger. Recommended for any fans of Battletech! No knowledge of the game is required.


A fantastic Battletech and Military Science Fiction novel. A Battlemech pilot’s father is killed not a spoiler, because the book practically begins with the eventand he must take revenge while engaging in neo-feudal entschdidung plays typical of the Sm universe.

Aug 31, Jonathan rated it it was amazing. It blew my mind. They are garrisoned on the world of Trellwan a world of extremes where the year is 45 standard days long, and the day is 30 standard days long.

As a straight piece of military sci fi this book does ok, but it’s the Battlemech’s themselves that are the stars, more so than the characters – had to give 4 stars just for nostalgia value.

Decision at Thunder Rift

Otherwise, take the price point for what it means and take a pass–but do look elsewhere for thus wonderful title. Aug 09, Kevin rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Feb 23, Michael T Bradley rated it did not like it.

Good lord was he right. As a fan of the setting, I’ve got to say I enjoyed the book. It seems as though the author suddenly discovered he was nearing the word limit, and had to wrap up the story quickly.

Still, the combat is the true star of the book and left me wanting to read the rest of the Gray Death series. Return to Book Page. Great story, plenty of action.

Entscheidung am Thunder Rift – PDF Free Download

A decently written tie-in novel that scratches one’s itch for meaty combat between giant robots. Big mechs thjnder blown up real good. I don’t have any complaints about this book! So if you don’t mind countless typographical and innumerable punctuational errors, or if you just can’t find this book anywhere else, then pull on your neurohelmet and strap yourself in for an exciting, unf Classic book but The peripheral characters feel similarly irrelevant and two-dimensional, making it difficult to care about their fates, and all the setting exposition and dull fight scenes make the book feel like a scenario book or AAR.


Decision at Thunder Rift by William H. Keith Jr.

Be the first to ask a question about Decision at Thunder Rift. May 13, Drinkinwookie rated it did not like it. The big problem is the ending.

Decent read, but I could definitely tell this was written 25 years ago, much earlier in Keith’s career. The novel starts off a little slow and spends a bit too much time setting up characters that won’t be seen or referenced for the rest of the novel, but once it gets going it doesn’t stop.

I loved the characters, the combat was interesting, and the politics weren’t overbearing, as I’ve seen in some of the later Battletech novels.

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Grayson Death Carlyle is training to be a Mechwarrior in his father’s regiment. We are only briefly introduced to the politics of the Successor States in this book, but I can sense that it will provide a very fertile atmosphere for more stories in the future.

Highly recommended if you can find a copy.