If you own Pavel Tsatsouline’s popular kettlebell manifesto Enter the Kettlebell, you will love our “ETK” workbook. It turns the ETK philosophy. Enter the Kettlebell Workbook – KB program based on Pavel’s ETK. This workbook is a companion to Pavel Tsatsouline’s “Enter the Kettlebell” (ETK) available through in book and DVD form. You must.

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Takes all the guesswork out of it. I find that it takes me almost exactly 15 seconds to eti 10 swings. With its Minute of Strength, nearly free training videos, inspiring stories of recovery and rehabilitation, downloadable and DVD worko show more. I think you’re a little ahead of me, I believe the dice roll is a part of the RoP. Qorkbook you’re on Monday of week 1, your workout will look like this: I just picked it up and plan on starting Monday.

Log your work-outs so you can see your progress. CC Volume 5 – Maximum Strength: It’s all in ‘Enter the Kettlebell’ and you get any extra support you need from this forum.

Start of Art of Strength ETK Workbook | My Fit Blog

On the same page, Pavel writes: Enter the Kettlebell Workbook: Thus Pavel’s instruction to go to a “Comfortable Stop,” then slow jog for 1 minute lather, rinse, and repeat for 12 minutes. When you’re doing the ROP, some days you roll a 12, some days you roll a 1.

I could be a little more active with the rest periods, not just walk around in a circle. If you roll a 2 and want to do more, knock yourself out. For light days, we just did the same number of minutes as the heavy day at the recommended percentages.


I’m still working the Worobook, swings and getups for awhile. Learn to listen to your body instead of a prescribed set in a workbook.

Enter the Kettlebell Workbook : Art of Strength

If you roll a 12 then you are in for 12 minutes. The next time your roll a twelve, try to get more reps in. I just started the ETK workbook because it gives a little more structure and I can not say enough about it. If one handed, 20x on both hands or 10x each?? Whether the client was an avid gym-goer, someone rehabbing from injury, professional athlete, one with advanced training needs, or a workout novice, all were searching for the same end result – personal satisfaction and exhilaration from an intense cardiovascular regimen.

As a company with powerful friends in the world of strength and conditioning, Dragon Door offers the world’s premier resources for functional fitness and the highest level of physical performance.

Do not over complicate the program minimum! In the workbook for one of the warmup exercises DiLuglio mentions doing pumps. Raising the Bar e-book. I’ll usually do 10 2 hand swings then 10 1 hand with the right and 10 1 hand with the left, then finish it off with 2 hand. After five years DiLuglio returned to the United States where he was appalled by the sorry state of fitness in this country and quickly set out to bring about change.

Your browser does not support iframes. The time now is Aggravated the tennis elbow the other night, so I’m back to swings and TGUs only for awhile.

His corporation, Art of Strength, embodies the timeless concept of physical culture: Share Share this post on Digg Del. Thanks for the link and info. So do 20 swings, then 1 min of active rest, then 20 eetk, etc.


Atl, What did you not like about it? As I understand it, that means some type of interval for 12 minutes, as there’s no way I can swing for 12 minutes straight yet. Listen to your muscles.

I’m sticking with the If you have a smartphone, get a HIIT timer app. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. Thanks for the feedback! Based on this week I also think it’s a good idea to mix up the intervals once in awhile. This week I’ve been doing 1min: Pavel is, unfortunately, vague on the details. Pavel specializes in teaching breakthrough fitness techniques to elite athletes and people who are naturally motivated. Also since I have ehk used the eyk weight kettlebells for each exercise so was not sure whether the Note box would give me enough room to note those weights down.

ETK & the Program Minimum [Archive] – Warrior Talk Forums

workobok Straighten your body back out, but move your center of gravity forward so that your hands are more underneath your lower ribs than your shoulders; look over your right shoulder, try to lock your eyes on your left heel. If you wish to excel in any athletic endeavor, then you are in the right place. Look over your left shoulder as in step 3. All times are GMT Now that I think I’ve got that down I do both 2 hand and 1 hand swings in the same workout.