If you’re using Ubuntu, run sudo apt-get install gambas3. interactive programming tutorial that walks you through the basics of JavaScript. This tutorial provides a review or the developing application process and describe the terms and skills you need to use Gambas and will guide you step by step. On this tutorial, I will show you how to get started with Gambas 3. Gambas is an IDE for Linux which can be used to build your own.

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It inspired an entire generation of coders. As Windows came on to the scene, it was no longer required to write code in order to use a computer. Back in the s, Microsoft was a shade of what it is right now. Few people had computers at home, and those who did tended to have ones made by Amstrad, Atari, and Commodore; the giants of the era.

This allowed programmers of all abilities to make games and applications, and freely distribute them. In many respects, BASIC kickstarted the hobbyist developer market, and can be regarded as a spiritual ancestor to the modern day App Store. Atari, Amstrad and Commodore all went out of business, or pivoted from making hardware, to exclusively software. The computer market transformed from consisting of multiple, smaller players, to just two; Apple and Microsoft.


This is incredibly unusual, given the BASIC languages of yesteryear used a more procedural style, where code is organized in steps to be followed sequentially.

Gambas 3 Tutorial – Create a new project

It also comes with an IDE Integrated Development Environmentas well as a toolkit for making rudimentary user environments.

It even supports QT, which is the engine behind a dizzying array of Linux applications, as well as SDL, which is the gold-standard of computer graphics engines. But what does that mean? Read Morewhich is used by a variety of web applications to store data. Well, this is simple. This will then install over megabytes gambzs3 data. While it hasn’t been around very long, the site has already been tutoria, a lot of buzz on Read More is very much a niche language.

This can be read online.

After that, try looking for open-source projects written in the language, and see if you can get a feel for the language from that. It’s likely you’ve have heard of GitHub. GitHub is used by individuals and enterprises to host code, collaborate on documentation In the real world, hardly anybody uses it as their working language.

One of the core strengths of Python, for example, is the wealth of libraries available for it, which allow you to do anything from manipulate HTML, to build your own web servers. Python and Ruby are both cleaner, less opaque and are actually used.

  ISO 15609-5 PDF

Well, if your eyes go misty whenever you think of the hours you spent copying code from magazines in the 80s, you might get a kick out of it.

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I personally love gambas – it is a wonderfully written language that just “works”. I think more and more people will realize its power for hobyist programmers. No, I’m just a user who’s tried to keep up with the original language. I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in October ofso doing much of anything technical is difficult now.

Still, I do what I can. Yep, eyes got a bit misty there It sure was laborious and frustrating, but it was geek kid cutting edge. I remember the uninitiated laughing at the “pokes” and “peeks” in my C64 code.

Those were the good old days.

Gambas Documentation – /tutorial

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I’m really sorry to hear about that. You a TrueBasic dev? It’s kind of sad we’ll never have anything like that again, isn’t it? Scroll down for the next article. The Best Linux Distros of