Style 98 is manufactured from high purity (95%+ carbon assay) premium carbon staple yarn. Individual yarns are single-end coated and single-end dried prior to. Garlock-TUF简本 – Garlock Seals and Sealing Systems Garlock Sealing Style FEP and Style Valve stem packings for high. for steam service, Garlock developed Style ST The inorganic PH. Valve Stem Packing Style is a Steam with high temperature/pressure.

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Correct Bolting Patterns Gasketing characteristics ref. GYLON gasketing tested under varying pressures, gasketloads and differing temperatures.

Low friction loss and wear resistant? Leakage at this point was within the limiting value and recovery uneffected. The optimum valve stem packing solution is EVSP. For many years valves have completed the Stype product range.

Subject to change without notice. This excellent gasketing material is ideal for use with glass-lined equipment and wherever lower bolt loads to effect an efficient seal are necessary.

A new tough technology packing with chemical resistance close to PTFE takes heat. The analysis by the T?

Typical applications Pumps and valves in mild acids and alkalies, air and dry industrial gases, petroleum and synthetic oils, aromatic and aliphatic solvents, cooling water, sea water and steam. ST is the 209 of extensive research and development primarily aimed at the requirement for a high temperature gasket, particularly for steam service.


Pacific Rim Operations, Singapore Technical details subject to change without notice. Use a torque wrench and well-lubricated fasteners to ensure correct initial loading.

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Whenever operating parameters go beyond the capabilities of elastomeric oil-seals whether it is pressure, speed or chemical resistance, the PS-SEAL solves the problem. Sealing surface requirements Shaft finish?

Available in all standard cross sections and diameters from mm to mm. Withstands a wide range of media.

Style 98 Premium Carbon Packing

Centre the gasket on the flange. Availability in a wide range of sizes? Starting with the rubber molded snap in wiper up to the high performance metal incased urethane element rod scraper for press fit application. Garlock Reliability Affiliated to EnPro — an industrial corporation with wideranging interests — Garlock offers extensive opportunities for longterm product and market development.

Special material with good dry-running characteristics and suitable for soft counter-running surfaces. Style 98 is also an excellent valve stem packing.

Compression Packing

Low friction, no stick slip? Installation A few simple styls measures must be observed in installation to ensure the most satisfactory joint. Inflatable Seals To seal moving components which need to be separated or sealed frequently, the use of inflatable seals represents the simplest, safest and most efficient solution. While the utmost care has been used in compiling this catalogue, we assume garllck responsibility for errors.

The seal is available in both metric and inch sizes. Available in both metric and inch sizes. Garlock of Canada Ltd. Wherever shafts rotate there is a KLOZURE oil seal engineered specifically for the application – whether it is retaining lubricants, excluding contaminents or to seperate fluids.


Minimum coefficient of friction? Style FEP does not require the use of end rings. This carbon fiber packing offers premium performance and economy in most high speed chemical applications. The international presence of Garlock Sealing Technologies and its sales partners guarantees the global availability of the products and technical support.

Prevention of damage is ensured by preparing the shaft as outlined at fig. Synthetic Yarn packing with Aramid Sand, slurry and salty solution pumps. The Garlock finger spring system ensures equal sealing lip load on the shaft and eliminates bearing damage caused by garter spring dumping. Proof of adequately high mechanical properties for corresponding temperatures. This innovative design reduces valve stem friction and valve actuator force by eleminating valve stem leakage.

Various combinations against almost every media can be realized by using different packing styles. Every combination of pressure and temperature that results below the max. Our packing products will generate the greatest return on initial investment in terms of leakage control, service life, dependability, and cost-effectiveness.