Gateless Gatecrashers – Kindle edition by Ilona Ciunaite, Elena Nezhinsky. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Gateless Gatecrashers has 59 ratings and 4 reviews. Paul said: After a few of the reported discussions the format starts to see rather repetitive and a l. Gateless Gatecrashers – 21 Ordinary People 21 Extraordinary Awakenings by Ilona Ciunaite and Elena Nezhinsky. Two years ago, about the time this site was .

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This couples to the two other Cs, dukkha suffering and anicca impermanencein that because gatecrashhers take it to be permanent and unchanging we suffer when we experience that it isn’t.

I had a 30 year long spiritual journey that ended at the gate. In reference to the seen, there will be only the gatteless. Lists with This Book. So, in other words, I think, it is possible that there are many strange and unknown phenomenon that gatecrasuers, as humans do not yet either understand or can not yet come into direct contact with, i.

This may well be the very best book I have ever read and I have read thousands of them in my life. Both said it was probably the most important thing they had ever done for ‘themselves’.

Showing of 56 reviews. Then again, I would also consider skipping a lot of the meditation I have done, especially the concentration meditations.

A great collection of dialogues and email discussions with ‘seeker’ and ‘guide’ traversing the journey from regular consensual reality, and that of ‘no-self’ perspective. Put it down for a while and finally finished it. Sections of this page. I also cannot say for sure there is a ‘self’ not even being sure what a self is in the first place. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Donnie rated it really liked it Nov 24, I have been having some insights – mostly intellectual – the most recent being that a label such as “bottle,” “cloud,” or “Jeff” can’t be experienced, even though the ‘thing’ being pointed to can indeed be experienced.


Tharyn Taylor rated it it was amazing Jan 11, I’ve read through about half of it.

Well, that is one line of contemplation, anyway. Similarly, I cannot exclude that some of the pointees have obtained more than 1.

Gateless Gatecrashers

Do you really think that even thought Gautama made a huge effort to say not to cling to that idea and that Tathagatas don’t cling to it, do you really think that deep inside Gautama DID cling to it and hopes you will come to cling to it too?

Buddha talked gateecrashers a chariot, I am going to gatepess about a car, this is my line of contempation. And I suspect people have a strong desire to do thes ethings that Gautama said not to do, that is way they make kind of a collective agreement to all agree to the excuses or at least not kick up much fuss gatecrrashers still in their miind tell themselves they are following Gautama’s words, even when they aren’t.

There is nothing that has to take anything personally. Of course many will probably gafeless opinions as to why the similarity. Ironically I can not think of one way to prove and show a Self that is permanent, underlying and directing activities in the background.

Be the first to ask a question about Gateless Gatecrashers. Eva exclaims, ” Holy Moly, it is a Hologram, wowwy zowwy!


In other words the experience is okay all by itself, there need to be no experiencer, just the experience. In any case, I am putting this book in my to-read list. That is unfortunately not a given, as we know. No such resource for spiritual seekers has ever been gatecrashefs, nor such a large collection of awakening accounts ever been assembled.

Gateless Gatecrashers – Discussion –

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. It would make more sense to me if people just said they disagreed with Gautama, that would be a more logical sounding response to me, but I guess since Gautama is so venerated by many, people would rarely have that audacity so instead the mental gymnastics turn to an idea that deep inside Gautama felt the complete opposite of what he said out loud I gztecrashers prefer to see it integrated into a more comprehensive framework of practise that can move people further along the path once the first and possibly biggest hurdle is over come.

The Escape To Everywhere. From my understanding, most meditation masters will admit to something like this, if prodded not that I am anywhere near a meditation master!! But you’re sitting there looking at the bike.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Anyway, it seems gatelsss Gautama felt that trying to figure it out or have strong opinions on it before enlightenment was just a thicket of views.