GWX Manual and Readme – Silent Read more about wolves, ships, aircraft, convoy, historical and torpedo. Guide to using the GWX3 overhaul and the Resolution Mod firing your torpedoes, to ‘fix it’ you will have to follow the instructions here. and fixes from GWX , GWX and GWX — all included in GWX3 GOLD. modding credits — please refer to the page ‘Manual & Documentation’.

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Les add-ons GWX 3.0 Gold

You can read the AOB in the lower part of it. The Uboat or ownship course is at the top, and the pointer will always show true bearings i.

Find More Posts by sergei. MagicUhUdieEuleWurmonkel. I miss the mnaual of games coming with an page book and tools, and im only 19! Showing 1 – 1 of 1 comments. Still, it aged a bit but for that we have the mxnual.

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Just want to heap praise on the GWX3 Manual – SUBSIM Radio Room Forums

Eigentlich kein echtes Argument, da man heute hier preiswert an Komponenten kommt. T’a toujours pas SH 5? Den andern wo ich noch habe ist das Modpack von Madmax I remember the BoB manual well. Surfaced, using the UZO The prefereable method of attack is always surfaced using the UZO, and you will notice that when the night is dark enough for that, your attack scope is useless and the observation one quite limited.


Just want to heap praise on the GWX3 Manual. Originally Posted by Exakt. Find More Posts by h.

There are two essencial modifications that you need for this game to look and play up mannual spec: There are two groups of dials and switches here: Go for the increased maneuverability, and enjoy the high zoom optics that will allow you to target surfaced from a safe distance.

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Jaana Galland ObLt z. Now if possable, be a good ideal to get it sticky.

Viper Manhal Offline Generaloberst. Use the previous figure as reference for your estimations The horizontal one is graded in degrees, and it is perfect for determining the torpedo spread. Yes, the manual is really great. Those allow you to set the 1st run length, when the torpedo goes staright in the direction of the target. Find More Posts by desirableroasted. Place the vertical line of the crosshair in front of your target and start the chrono Click ONLY in the area of the small minutes dial as it passes the line.


While I have been running GWX3 for msnual weeks, now, I only just now got around to reading the manual. By default the tool bar now shows the metre indicator, as I found it more useful because you want a quick read of gross depth, and if you want more detail, you can switch to the enlarged mode that will allow you to select depths within one meter. Index Aktuelle Themen Suche.

Then you go left and read the resulting speed 10 knots in this case. The proper and historical way of conducting attacks is gwx33 strongly reinforced manuxl the characteristics and limitations of the optics. The time now is If the target is left from your bow, you drag the plotter rightwards, and inversely if the target is to your right 6. This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts.