Heidy Rehman. Founder of Rose & Willard. View Full Bio. Trading Places: From Citi Group To Start-Up Interviews. Trading Places: From Citi Group To Start-Up. Heidy Rehman is the Founder & CEO of feminist fashion label, Rose & Willard. Prior to setting up her company she had a long corporate career in finance. Heidy . Heidy Rehman couldn’t find reasonably priced, ethically produced professional attire for women that suited her tastes. Instead of settling for.

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And we have only promoted positive body language.

I also made incentives clear and real. Regman tightly woven fibres can make it difficult to clean and, in particular, to remove odours which can cling and quickly become indelible.

Heidy Rehman on feminist fashion

This situation coincided with my having reached as far in my career as my current job would allow. But I won’t do it. About Advertise with Lip! I worked in the City for almost 14 years — an extremely male-dominated, public school boy environment. She is a valued team member and it would be wrong to risk losing her simply because she has family commitments. Indeed I deliberately took the approach of hiring people no recruitment consultant would ever have suggested.

I am willing to accommodate this. My view is that women often lack the assertiveness that seems to come more naturally to men. We believe in ethics and empowerment, we like to fly the British flag and we like a bit of humour. We are also looking to work with the Armed Forces charities out of respect for those willing to lay down their lives for us.


Heidy Rehman’s email & phone | Rose & Willard’s Founder & CEO, Ex-Equity Analyst & FCCA email

So perhaps present the grievance and deliver the answer. Why do we not see blanket, tangible reform? Also I would suggest having any conversation in a relatively formal setting, i. Heidg conditions and providing opportunities for my staff are important to me. Newsletters may offer personalized content or advertisements. I believe as more women enter and stay in the workforce, they will develop a stronger lobbying voice which will compel corporates to create more flexible working for those with families.

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Women differ from men not so much in their leadership styles as in the values that they bring to the job. Can you tell us a bit about yourself — how and when did you get started in the fashion industry? If there are a number of issues then deal with each separately. For the most part multinational luxury brands no longer produce in traditional, heritage markets. rrehman

This runs in tandem with codes of conduct to which we are committed. Imagine how you would look after such a regimen – and I hope you remember that next time you see a picture of a model in a magazine.

No more anonymous mannequins. As a woman, I often found that I had to prove myself much more than my male contemporaries. I was at a crossroads in my life and so took the leap. How Women Can Change How They’re Portrayed In Advertising We have deliberately chosen models who are strong and positive representations of difference – race, disability, model health advocacy and non-conforming. That lends gravity to the issue. With women then accounting for higher numbers of graduates, inevitably, this will lead to higher participation rates of women in the workforce.

  ENA TS 41-24 PDF

I approached all these charities as what they do resonates strongly with our ethics. Looking back the decision to set up a womenswear brand seemed inevitable given my frustration at not being able to find the clothes I wanted and needed to wear in my professional life.


And always treat each objectively. This principle extends to and includes our own studio where every intern is paid.

If you’re buying polyester then, potentially, the answer is yes. Your email address will not be published. Many have now opted to source from lower-cost, large-scale manufacturing. Every one of my staff is paid. They claim that by there will be 1.

I believed some people, especially women, would lack the assertiveness to suggest an idea rehmah and above their line manager. That’s because the environment directly affects the customer, and any children they have or intend to have. The journey so far has been challenging but fun. The creative side was accomplished by hiring people with that expertise.

The tide has already turned ….