From the perspective of the gospel, fundraising is not a response to a crisis. Fundraising is, first and foremost, a form of ministry. It is a way of announc-. Overview. Have you ever raised funds for your church, another organization, or a mission trip? Maybe you felt uncomfortable about asking people to donate. A Spirituality of Fundraising has ratings and 85 reviews. Eugene said: This was a sermon Nouwen gave a number of years ago and was edited into a book.

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And nobody says we should love the rich less. I wish we were as lucky as they. Instead of saying, “Do you have some money? Stewardship calls us to share. Nouen such a small book there is very profound content. I’m telling you this because it shows so well that it was only through the poverty of the rich man that something very much of the Kingdom developed.

He really needs a thousand, so let me give him a thousand. Certainly, fund raising, from a spiritual point of view, is a very hfnri way to help the Kingdom come about.

Father Nouwen was a good friend of the nouwej Joseph Cardinal Fjndraising. It’s very important, especially insofar as I address you as fund raisers — that you be free from money in terms of your security base.

Read in preparation for stewardship season at church and it gives me a lot to think about. And I want to talk about this because it is a very important question. If your security is in God, then you are free to ask for money. That’s what the Gospel says: There is a Father Henri J.


You want them to see what God means when he says, “be fruitful. Asking for money and giving can draw us into deeper relationships with others, he believes.

Fantastic short read for anyone who fundraises in ministry.

Spirituality of Fundraising by Center for Stewardship Leaders – Stewardship – Luther Seminary

Henri Jozef Machiel Nouwen Nouen— was a Dutch-born Catholic priest and writer who authored 40 books on the spiritual life. Where is your security base?

We make little jokes, but these jokes sometimes reveal that we might not love the rich as much as the poor. Not talking about how to get money.

A Spirituality of Fundraising by Henri J.M. Nouwen

Great framing language for how we relate to fundraising and caring for our own financial resources. First of all, I want to speak very concretely about you and me, who ask for money. You have to love fundraising as a form of ministry. It’s very interesting and it’s very important to realize that money is one of the cundraising taboos around.

A Spirituality of Fundraising (Print Book)

And, further, since it is a ministry, it is always a call to conversion. Nouwen’s books are widely read today by Protestants and Catholics alike. Is he going to kill you? While Nouwen is always rich and this gave me a lot to think about, it left me wishing that he had taken the time to write more on the subject.

Be the first to ask fundrajsing question about A Spirituality of Fundraising. I like the quote, “I will take your money only if it’s good for your spiritual journey and your spiritual health.


I’m going to ask a few more people, and so you have the first chance to give it to me. Greater than sex, greater than religion. And the rich will know it right away.

Otherwise you are saying, “I’m here, you’re there, and you’re giving some a little bit,” and then suddenly, you are begging again, and you hdnri not standing up for your vision. I need to be ministered to as well. You’ll get nothing from me.

And suddenly you nouweh that fundraixing aren’t used to doing this, and you feel awkward about it, and you feel a little embarrassed about it. In a way the whole subject came up in our community because quite often, fundraising is something that happens as a response to a crisis — you don’t have enough money — you’re in trouble somewhere, and so you say, “We need some money, how are we going to get it, we have to start asking for it”.

A Spirituality of Fundraising

HenrriCenter for Stewardship Leaders. You don’t say, “Please we have a nice little project going here, and wouldn’t you like to help us out a bit”. So it is precisely the opposite of begging.