Abstract. Beginning with the contentious question as to whether Hermann Broch’s ‘Die Schlafwandler’ belongs to the genre of the ‘Zeitroman’. Hermann Broch, Die Schlafwandler: Revolution and Apocalypse. T”7j HE APOCALYPSE is still a book to con- jure with,” wrote D. H. Lawrence in his last. Hermann Broch’s trilogy, trilogy, Die Schlafwandler [The Sleepwalkers] has often been described as an apocalyptic text.1 This characterization is.

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To others—myself included—these works, which plumb the depths to explore the societal changes that were forming themselves at hermaann time, are fascinating and hard to put down.

Sep 26, Andy rated it did not like it. In his secret liaison with the earthy Ruzena he finds emotional and sexual fulfilment, while Elisabeth is delicate and distant.

Die Schlafwandler (Romantrilogie) – Wikipedia

Questo, a grandi linee, il senso de I sonnambuli. It was trying too hard, and the deep This book had all the signs of being one I would like. When desire and aims meet and merge, when dreams begin to foreshadow the great moments and crises of life, the road narrows then into darker gorges, and the prophetic dream of death enshrouds the man who has hitherto walked dreaming in sleep I myself just stumbled upon this novel in a second-hand bookstore, and decided to purchase it because Hannah Arendt introduced the novel.

Pasenow feels sure of his virtues and their meaning. The trilogy is a profound and disquieting reflection on the dis-integration of values that ushers in the peculiarly logical but ultimately irrational and ferocious twentieth century value-systems.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. All this irrationality is, for Broch, the logical consequence of arbitrarily delimited value-systems Huguenau did not think of what he had done, and still less did he recognize the irrationality that had pervaded his actions [ His magnum opus was the stunning hallucinatory prose poem The Death of Virgilbut The Sleepwalkers —more in the vein of Musil’s A Man Without Qualities —is another extraordinary work of art.

In “The Realist” multiple characters are introduced whose lives we are at first completely unable to link to the central action, including two men wounded in the war and a woman named Hanna Wendling whose lawyer husband will return briefly from the front during the time we get to know her.


But Broch goes further than this, he sees the modern world as a world single-mindedly, logically and insanely bent on pursuing disconnected, splintered, narrow value-systems: He is confused with the values of the world but can still differentiate between good and evil.

The Sleepwalkers

Each part differs in style, time and place of action, characters and atmosphere. Si frammenta la narrazione e si frammentano le storie. This article needs additional citations for verification.

And there’s something about a rich gay scblafwandler owner he wants to kill. The amoral Huguenau’s only criterion is personal profit and he follows this maxim in all his actions. I think this stems from the belief that novels are, first and foremost, written to tell a schlafwandper story: Get to Know Us.

Explore the Home Gift Guide. Non sa nemmeno lui cosa cerca. View all 7 comments. He marries within his social circle and it is schlafwzndler through his impotent honeymoon night that it was more of a marriage of convenience than love.

Not only is this a modernist novel but one that prefigures the so-called postmodern novels of the postwar era. It was the kind of book that I felt like an “intellectual” guy would use to show me that he “understands” and “appreciates” literature.

The Sleepwalkers (Broch novel) – Wikipedia

As a result, the style of the philosophical sections and that of the narrative itself veer sharply from one another. Hermann Broch was evidently a writer for the schlafawndler philosophers or philosophical literati of Central Europe.

A clerk or accountant or whatever he is tries to get busy with an older, restaurant owner. Rationalism is in turn coupled if uneasily to the irrational. Rather than belaboring the painstaking way through the integration of his philosophy into the narrative, Broch seems content to grab the crutches and go. Things start fairly explicitly, when the author says of the world implicitly the world under the novel’s investigation that “we feel the totality to be insane, but for each single life we can easily discover logical guiding motives.

Diese Schlafwand,er wurde zuletzt am Reading the Pasenow and Esch sections schlafwanrler could almost conclude that adulthood is a plague in which giant children have had the misfortune of taking themselves seriously.


When Geyring is unjustly imprisoned, Esch ascribes this to the owner of a large local business Eduard von Bertrand from the first partwhom he scorns as an exploiter and a homosexual.

Broch was born in Vienna to a prosperous Jewish family and worked for some time in his family’s factory in Teesdorf, though he maintained his literary interests schafwandler. Havel in Laughable Loves. Apr 17, Olga rated it it was amazing. Almost all the decisions and actions of Joachim, Ruzena broxh Elisabeth are manipulated by his diabolical friend, a successful worldly businessman called Eduard von Bertrand who, for his evident lack of comprehension for old values, Joachim never trusts fully.

The truth is that it is a bit hard to read because of the language used and the sentences are too long, for examplebut it is worth it. Plus, the topic is Germany–the most savage, the most repulsive, the most fascinating of natio Writing this review already even though I am just a few pages in; but already I can tell this is going to be a fabulous read.

Opening inthe first part is built around a young Prussian army officer; the second in around a Luxembourger bookkeeper; and the third in around an Alsatian wine dealer. In he converted to Roman Catholicism and married Franziska von Rothermann, the daughter of a knighted manufacturer.

English Choose a language for shopping. To ask other readers questions about The Sleepwalkersplease sign up. I Der zweite Teil spielt im mittleren Rheingebiet. Auf dem Weg dorthin kommt er nach Mannheim und logiert einige Tage bei den Korns. The chapters are short, and a number of stories are being told with each chapter.

Return to Book Page. While DoV is an explosion of radical freedom, the Sleepwalkers is a boring old novel. Die Schlafwandler ist eine ab erschienene Romantrilogie von Hermann Broch.