Hewlett-Packard shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or other damage alleged in connection with the furnishing or use of this. View and Download HP LaserJet user manual online. LaserJet All in One Printer pdf manual download. Also for: Laserjet m. View and Download HP LaserJet service manual online. LaserJet All in One Printer pdf manual download. Also for: Laserjet m.

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DIMM closest to the printer memory door can be used for additional memory. You can program 300 of the remaining speed-dial codes with group-dial codes. Refer to this menu structure when you make changes to settings and features. High-priority parts have been designed to be accessed quickly for efficient disassembly and repair. Solving image-quality problems Problem Cause Solution rarts OT tne page around the edges aren’t printing. Manual – LaserJet product user guide Korean.

Use the procedures in this section to turn these options on or off. If you noticed the lines on a copy output page or on a fax you sent to a recipient, scan an item and see if similar lines appear on the scanned image.

If you require support after your warranty mannual expired, you can receive support for a fee through the same telephone number. The output tray holds up to 1 00 sheets.

HP LaserJet 3200 User Manual

Changing the default copy quality Changing the default copy contrast Changing the mxnual copy size Changing the default copy collation Changing the default number of copies Default Copy Settings Sometimes inconsistent stains appear.

General printing problems Use the table in this laserjt to solve printing problems. The document pickup and feed systems contain a pickup roller, feed roller, and delivery roller, all of which are driven by the document scanner motor M Note These examples consist of the most common methods to remedy print quality problems.


Upper guide assembly removal 1 of 4 Chapter 5 – Removal and replacement EN Place the upper guide assembly on the ESD mat so that the assembly rests on the control panel. Slide the guides against the sides of the stack in the paper input tray or against the single sheet in the single-sheet input tray to center the paper. Printer and parts Design for recycling has been incorporated into this printer and its accessories. Fuse F1 01 provides overcurrent protection for the fusing system circuitry.

Guide – Cartridge guide – Left side toner cartridge guide.

Changing The Default Contrast And Resolution For Outgoing Faxes Changing the default contrast and resolution for outgoing faxes The contrast affects the lightness and darkness of an outgoing fax as it is being sent. Page laser safety statements faxing during 14, 16 configuration reports, printing 48 grayscale confirmation, sent fax 45 HP LaserJet Director button 34 conflicts, parallel ports loading media 26 conformity, declaration of media, selecting 25 connecting Replace damaged cords immediately.

This prevents wrinkling and paper curl. Upper guide assembly removal 2 of 4 1 09 Figure Fusing element removal 2 of 4 Figure To stabilize the photosensitive drum sensitivity in preparation for printing.

If a jam is detected, the ECU immediately stops the printing process and displays a jam message on the control panel. Network compatibility is dependent on internal software settings.

Full text of “HP LaserJet Service Manual”

This product cannot be identified by Serial Number alone. If the product detects an error signal during the transmission and the Error Correction setting is on, the product can request that a portion of the fax be resent.

If lasermet jam has entered the front output slot, grasp the sheet, and carefully pull it straight up and out. High-voltage power supply circuit EN Printer functions 73 Image formation system Laser printing requires the interaction of several different technologies including electronics, optics, and electrophotographies to provide a printed page.


Thus, the warranty has been removed from this product. The wrapper on many reams lzserjet paper has an arrow indicating the print side. Page 31 Insert up to sheets of paper into the paper input tray. It is strictly forbidden by law in most countries to connect nonapproved telecommuni- cations equipment fax machines to public telephone networks.

Changing the fax number and company name You already entered this information when installing the software or when you first set up the product. Page Problem Cause Solution The product is The special media lever might be in the The special media lever should be to the feeding incorrect position. Manual – LaserJet product user guide Hebrew. Printer door removal 1 of laserjjet 96 Figure Click the Laserjett tab, and then click the Receive tab.

Basic troubleshooting Verification steps Possible problems Solutions Do engine tests and self-tests print?

Page printing blocked number logs 48 canceling adding configuration report 48 ordering copying during 14, 16 removing double-sided testing envelopes Ready light 18, fax activity logs 43 recalibrating scanner faxing during 14, 16 receipts, loading 27 letterhead receiving faxes The paper delivery sensor detects media for three seconds after the paper top sensor detects the trailing edge of the media.

Adjust the print density from the control panel. Javascript is disabled in this browser. Page Problem Cause Solution The job prints in The 3020 typeface is not Download the desired font and send Courier the downloaded. The toner life for the HP LaserJet product is 2, pages. Do not insert any document with glue, correction fluid, or wet ink on it. Note The bushings are not connected to the printer chassis and can come loose during removal.