IBM may not offer the products, services, or features discussed in this document in other countries. Consult your local IBM representative for information on the. Use this page to find information pertinent to your hardware model. ,AT A GLANCE The IBM POWER5+ processors and memory on the p5- offer: o Two POWER5+ processor options o Four additional.

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Server specifications provide detailed information for your server, including dimensions, electrical, power, temperature, environment, and service clearances.

Pictured is modeland server. When the server is managed by a Hardware Management Console Inmthe console must be provided within the same room and within 8 m 26 ft of the server. You must prepare your environment to accept the new product based on the installation planning information provided, with assistance from an IBM Installation Planning Representative IPR or IBM authorized service provider.

In anticipation of the equipment delivery, prepare the final installation site in p5570 so that professional movers or riggers can transport the equipment to the final installation site within the computer room.

If for some reason, this is not possible at the time of delivery, you must make arrangements to have professional movers or riggers return to finish the transportation at a later date. Only professional movers or riggers should transport the equipment.

IBM System p5 570 POWER5+ processor and memory features offer new options

The IBM authorized service provider can only perform minimal frame repositioning within the computer room, as needed, to perform required service actions. You are also ib for using professional movers or riggers when you relocate or dispose of equipment. Subscribe to this information. Use the following specifications to plan for your server. Modeland server. Electrical Electrical characteristics Properties kVA maximum 1.


The values represented in the table are for 5p70 drawer. To obtain the total for all drawers, multiply the table values by following numbers: FC and by 2. FC by 3. FC by 4. FC and are single drawer systems. Nonoperating mm 30 in.

Model , , and server specifications

See,or rack configurations for typical configurations when the, or rack is populated with various server models. For a description of noise emission values, see Acoustics. This is an estimated value. Maximum power consumption is specified for each 4-core drawer.

The 8-core, core, and core configurations are based on the use of multiple 4-core drawers for example, an 8-core configuration consists of kbm 4-core drawers, a core configuration consists of three 4-core drawers, l570 a core configuration consists of four 4-core drawers.

Family +02 IBM Power Model MMA

Filling the disk drive slot will help ensure proper airflow for cooling and help maintain optimal EMI compliance. Ordering feature results in four additional disk slot fillers being shipped. The power supplies automatically accept any voltage with the published, rated-voltage range.

If dual power supplies are installed and operating, the power supplies draw approximately equal current from the utility mains and provide approximately equal current to the load. Maximum power consumption is specified for each 8-core drawer. The 8-core and core configurations are based on the use of multiple 8-core drawers for example, a core configuration consists of two 8-core drawers.


Thermal output value is for each 4-core drawer configuration. The allowable operating temperature is the same as nonoperating temperature. Special Hardware Management Console considerations When the server is managed by a Hardware Management Console HMCthe console must be provided within the same room and within 8 m 26 ft of the server.

As an alternative to the local HMC requirement, it is acceptable for you to provide a supported device, such as a PC, with connectivity and authority to operate through a remotely attached HMC. This local device must be in the same room and within 8 m 26 ft of your server, and provide functional capability equivalent to the HMC that it replaces and that is needed by the service representative to service the system.

Heavy equipment—personal injury or equipment damage might result if mishandled. Plan view for model, and Dimensional planning information is shown in this top down view of your server.

Planning for the T00 and T42 racks. Model T42, B42, and rack.

Family 9117+02 IBM Power 570 Model MMA

Model and S25 rack. Power distribution unit and power cord options for, ibj, and rack. Send feedback Rate this page Last updated: Tue, June 17, Rated voltage and frequency 6. Thermal output maximum 9. Maximum power consumption 4, 7. Dual power feature code. The and are multi-drawer systems.