IMM B: Upfront Medical Report: Client Biodata and Summary (not available on our website as panel physicians will have these forms in. they will give you a copy of the IMM B Upfront Medical Report form. Fees. You must pay any fees related to the medical exam when you are there. Posts about IMM written by JESSICA YUAN. NOTE: With the implementation of the new IMM B, the Appendix C will no longer be.

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These 1017bb include management of the panel members including panel physicians, panel radiologists and laboratories who perform immigration medical examinations IMEs in Canada and abroad.

In providing these services, the RMOs rely on the IMEs that panel members conduct on clients for permanent residency and some categories of temporary residency in Canada. Health findings on the IMEs allow CIC medical officers to make recommendations on the medical admissibility of persons requesting entry to Canada. In order to modernize how it conducts its business, CIC is committed to simpler, more accessible services; to continuous, innovative and adaptable operational improvement; and to robust program integrity and delivery of quality service.

Panel members working in countries where eMedical is implemented will need 117b complete and transmit all IMEs through this Web-based system. This Handbook provides instructions, information and reference material related to the work of panel members and to the IME process. Panel members may include physicians, radiologists, laboratories and other designated health care professionals involved in the IME process.

Issues affecting the health of immigrants and the immigration process itself are subject to change. Periodic updates of this Handbook will be issued when required. These updates will supersede the text they replace. In all cases, the online version of the Handbook will be the most current and is the version that should be consulted. Panel members should be aware of the following legislation as it relates to immigration iimm the requirements with respect to inm examinations and inadmissibility on health grounds.

The IRPA and its accompanying regulations set out the medical requirements that clients must meet in order to come to Canada as temporary or permanent residents. In addition, the legislation sets out the grounds on which a person may be found to be inadmissible to Canada, including inadmissibility on health grounds.

The IRPA may be viewed at http: The purpose of this Act is to protect the privacy of individuals with respect to personal information collected by the government and to provide 1071b with a right of access to their personal information. The Privacy Act may be viewed at http: Under the Privacy Actall individuals have the right to the protection of their personal information held by a federal institution.

Moreover, Canadian citizens, permanent residents and other individuals present in Canada have the right of access to their own personal information 1017v by government institutions.

Disclosure of personal information is governed by section 8 of the Privacy Act. Subsection 8 1 states that the government institution shall not disclose personal information without the consent of the individual to whom the information relates except under the circumstances provided under subsection 8 2. Pursuant to paragraph 8 2 f of i,m Privacy ActHealth Branch has concluded Memoranda of Understanding with certain partner countries on imj sharing in order to align our network of panel members, which allows Health Branch to share information about our network with partner countries.

Health Branch requests that all panel physicians sign 1017g consent form to share information with other immigration health authorities. The information to 1017bb shared will not be related to individual clients or a specific type of care; rather it will be generic information concerning administrative such as email, contact addresses and operational activities such as electronic capabilities, locations as well immm information gathered during evaluations, assessments or onsite visits by CIC immm.

The Access to Information Act gives every Canadian citizen, permanent resident and individual or corporation present in Canada the right to access records, in any format, held by a government institution, subject to certain mim. The Access to Information Act may be viewed at http: It is not necessary for clients to use the Act to obtain a copy of the results of their own IME.

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A panel member cannot 1017bb designated until all the requirements of the designation process have been met:. Designation is not a permanent status and completing the designation process does not create any contract or agency relationship with CIC. CIC immigration officials and medical officers consult one another regularly in order to determine the number of panel members required in a given location.

If a panel member relocates his or her practice, that relocation must be brought to the attention of the RMO, as designation as a imm member is related to your location. Panel member status may be revoked imj of the relocation.

Upon examination of the new location of the practice and an assessment of the operational requirement for panel members in that location, the affected panel member will be informed of a decision confirming his or her status and given an opportunity to respond. Panel members, depending on their field of work, are authorized to perform IMEs, arrange for diagnostics and investigations, and complete immigration medical forms.

They do not have the authority to assess or determine whether the medical conditions of clients are grounds for inadmissibility. More specifically, panel members do not have authority to give clients an opinion on their medical admissibility. That determination rests solely with Canadian immigration officers. Panel members performing IMEs should ensure that they meet CIC-mandated service standards and that there are no conflicts of interest in providing services.

Where necessary to establish compliance with the IRPA and the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulationsclients will be asked to undergo further medical examinations. The assessment of whether or not a client is inadmissible on health grounds is based on the health findings identified during the examination by a panel member.

Panel Members’ Handbook –

This process is called the immigration medical assessment IMA. Until laboratories are designated by CIC, panel physicians are responsible for ensuring that the laboratories they use:. Once CIC has designated a laboratory in your area, panel physicians will be required to use this facility. In regions where eMedical is available, panel members and their clinic staff will be required to complete all IMEs and enter the results in the eMedical system, unless otherwise specified by the responsible RMO.

Depending on 1071b event reported, CIC may suspend designation refer to Section 3. iimm

Issuing instructions for medical examinations –

To support fraud prevention and the integrity of the IME process, panel members must confirm the identity of the client using an identification document acceptable for the Canadian Immigration medical examination. All documents must be valid not expired. If personal details, including the photograph, are inconsistent with the identity documents submitted, panel members must inform CIC see Section 4.

Panel members or clinic staff must also inform CIC if they suspect that clients are providing false information or attempting to falsify any aspect of the IME. Panel members should help prevent fraud by educating their staff on procedures used to verify client identity refer to Section 4.

Panel members must be aware that clients from some cultures may request special accommodation during the IME. Female clients, for example, may be uncomfortable with a male examiner, in which case panel members should offer to have a chaperone present during the examination.

Panel members should try to accommodate personal and cultural sensitivities, while keeping in mind that IME standards must be respected.

In such cases, panel members will indicate on the examination form the type of accommodation provided and the names of other persons present during the examination. A panel member who fails to meet the IME performance standards reflects badly on the immigration medical program. The performance of panel members is subject to regular evaluation and review. Panel members should complete and provide, in a timely fashion, the required forms and documents requested by the RMO e.

The procedure for completing the IME is discussed in Chapter 4 and is also subject to performance evaluation. Prior to recommending a particular physician or radiologist as a prospective locum, the panel member must be satisfied that the proposed locum has the qualifications and experience to perform IMEs. All panel members are given unique identifiers. These identifiers allow CIC to perform quality assessments of their work.


This unique identifier will replace the designated medical practitioner stamp that was previously used. For paper-based IMEs, the unique identifier must be clearly readable on each Medical Report IMM and on each chest x-ray completed by a panel member refer to Section 3.

All eMedical users will have a unique logon ID and password to access the system. The eMedical logon ID must not be disclosed ijm any other person or used by any other person to submit IMEs or chest x-rays.

Panel members who perform IME-related activities must follow the procedures below for im and files as well as for original documents and information. When documents 1107b sent by courier, panel physicians must ensure that the IME forms and results are sent in appropriate order refer to Appendix V for instructions and should retain shipment tracking numbers for six months.

Information collected during the IME is for immigration medical purposes only. It may not be used for other purposes, including research, clinical studies or investigations, without appropriate consent of the client and CIC.

Consent requests from CIC should be directed to:. CIC has instructions to guide panel members in various situations.

Medical exam, this is confusing

These instructions cover a number of topics, such as the following:. Regular contact will be maintained between panel members and RMOs regarding both medical and administrative issues. RMOs are the points of contact for panel members to address inquiries, questions and comments about individual immigration medical cases, examinations and about the immigration medial program.

To avoid possible breaches of confidentiality, information requests should never identify a client by name. im

Panel members may wish to advertise their IME services by creating their own website or distributing printed material, in which case the following instructions apply:.

From time to time, panel members may be contacted by other Canadian government officials. These officials may mim seeking information about local health conditions, medical resources for consular services or help with a personal medical condition. Such requests are not related to the immigration medical program and panel physicians may respond jmm these inquiries as they choose. If in doubt, panel members may contact an RMO for guidance.

Panel Members’ Handbook 2013

On occasion, the media may become interested in the IME of a particular individual and contact the panel member for information. Under no circumstances should a panel member provide the media with information about a particular case. Panel members should never communicate confidential information they are privy to with respect to the immigration system or to individual clients. Clients may have questions about the 1017bb process, particularly when CIC officials request additional medical information or investigations.

However, panel members are not authorized to explain or justify such requests. These questions should be addressed to the immigration or visa office responsible for the case.

The panel member may refer the client to the list of immigration and visa offices. The panel member should never direct clients to the RMO. RMOs will not have all the information required to reply to most types of enquiries.

The panel member should never direct clients to the eMedical help desk. Panel members should ensure that their staff are i,m of these instructions. The panel member should have key information available to assist RMO staff, including the following:. Clients are responsible for paying all fees and costs associated with their IME. These fees include the following:.

Panel members should charge reasonable fees and post a fees list in the 1017bb. Fees will reflect local conditions and service charges. Consequently, the fees for IMEs may vary from country to country and even within a country. If a panel member is completing a paper-based IME that must be mailed to the RMO, he or she should discuss the method and cost of sending the documents with the client beforehand.

Clear and transparent procedures for responding to complaints and resolving disputes improve client service and the integrity of the immigration medical program.