When do I use the , and libraries? How do I get Please refer to this article in the Intel XDK documentation. Create. This tutorial covers a core set of Intel XDK features to help you learn the app development workflow.; Author: Android on Intel; Updated: 14 Jan. If you already have an app with the Intel XDK, your app should remain up to date with the latest OneSignal SDK since your project is built remotely. If you have.

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There are plenty of videos and articles that you can go through here to get started.

You could also start with some of our demo apps. The Intel XDK is primarily a tool for visualizing, debugging and building an app package documentatiin distribution.

If you have specific questions following that, please post it to our forums. There is nothing in the course that requires the Intel XDK. If you consistently see this error message while using the Build tab, and you are logged into the Intel XDK, it is likely due to using an obsolete and unsupported version of the Intel XDK.

You must upgrade to a new version of the Intel XDK to resolve this issue. If you have successfully logged into the Intel XDK, but you are seeing the error message in the image below, when using the Build or Test tab, it may be due to an obsolete and unsupported version of the Intel XDK.

If you have downloaded and installed the Intel XDK but are having trouble creating a userid and docjmentation, you can create your login credentials outside of the Intel XDK. This same userid and password can also be used to login to the Intel XDK forum. On some devices you may have trouble entering your Intel XDK login password directly on the device in the App Preview login screen. In particular, sometimes you may have trouble with the first one or two letters getting lost when entering your password.

Reset your password, using the Intel login pageto something short and simple. Confirm that this new password works with the Intel Developer Zone login. Make sure you have the most recent version of Intel App Preview installed on your devices. Go to the store on each device to confirm you have the most recent copy of App Preview installed.

Try logging into Intel App Documrntation on each device with this short and documentatiln password. Check the documentatiion password” box so you can see your password as documenation type it. Once the dodumentation works, you can reset your imtel to something else if you do not like the short and simple password you used for the test.

That login system is the backend for the Intel XDK login screen. We have migrated nearly xvk active users to the new login system. Unfortunately, there are a few active user accounts that we could not automatically migrate to intel. If you have not used the Intel XDK for a long time prior to Juneyour account may not have been automatically migrated. If you own an “inactive” account it will have to be manually migrated — please try logging into the Intel XDK with your old userid and password, to determine if it no longer works.

If you find that you cannot login to your existing Intel XDK account, and still need access to your old account, please send a message to html5tools intel. Alternatively, you can create a new Intel XDK account. If you have submitted an app to the Android store from your old account you will need access to that old account to retrieve the Android signing certificates in order to upgrade that app on the Android store; in that case, send an email to html5tools intel.


We do not store your projects on our servers for any significant period of time, just long enough to perform a build or send for testing on App Preview. For example, the contents of an APK based on the “hello-cordova” sample:. You can start a new project using the blank template and copy the source code from inside the APK’s www folder into that project’s www folder. If you were using Crosswalk, you may see a xwalk-command-line file in the APK, the contents of that file are the Crosswalk initialization commands that were provided, for example, from this same sample app:.

Beyond that, you can inspect the AndroidManifest. For example, if you have Android Studio installed on your system, you can use the aapt command to inspect the contents of your APK. The most useful being the version codes and the package name, as shown below:. There is no web server in the mobile device to “serve” the HTML pages in your Cordova web app, the main program resources required by your Cordova web app are file-based, meaning all of your web app resources are located within the mobile app package and reside on the mobile device.

Your app may also require resources from a server. However, your app is not integrated into that server, the two entities are independent and separate. Many web developers believe they should be able to include PHP or Java code or other “server-based” code as an integral part of their Cordova app, just as they do in a “dynamic web app. See the following articles for more information on how to move from writing “multi-page dynamic web apps” to “single-page Cordova web apps”:.

Yes, you can open your files and edit them in your favorite editor. For example, you can set the emulator to auto-refresh or no-auto-refresh. Modify this file at your own risk and always keep a backup of the original!

Sometimes technical support will ask for a copy of this file in order to get additional information to engineering regarding problems you may be having with the Intel XDK. Both files are located in the same directory on your development system. Unfortunately, the precise location of these files varies with the specific version of the Intel XDK. When building with the Cordova tiles, any references to intelxdk.

Intel® XDK Documentation

New with release of the Intel XDK, you may now download your build certificates aka keystore using documejtation new certificate manager dicumentation is built into the Intel XDK. This conversion process is done only once.

If the above fails, please send an email to html5tools intel. It is important that you send that email from the email address associated with your Intel XDK account. If you can reliably reproduce the problem, please post a copy of the “xdk. No, It is not an open source project.

Intel® XDK FAQs – General

However, it utilizes many open source components that are then assembled into Intel XDK. While you cannot contribute directly to the Intel XDK integration effort, you can contribute to the many open source components that make up Intel XDK. You can read up more at https: Your app ID uniquely identifies your app.

You cannot modify the AndroidManifest. However, you may do so by creating a dummy plugin that only contains a plugin.

In essence, you add lines to the AndroidManifest. Here is an example of a plugin that does just that:. You can inspect the AndroidManifest. This technique exploits the config-file element that is described in the Cordova Plugin Specification docs and can also be used to add lines to iOS plist files. See the Cordova plugin documentation link for additional details.

Here is an example of such a plugin for modifying the iOS plist file, specifically for adding a BIS key to the plist file:. The same technique can be applied to adding custom icons and other assets to your project. You can send a link to your project via an email invite from your project settings page. However, a login to your account is required to access the file behind the link.


Alternatively, you can download the build from the build page, onto your workstation, and push that built image to some location from which you can send a link to that image. Here is the primary doc source for that feature. If you need to insert multiple domain references, then you will need to add the extra references in the intelxdk.

Intel XDK Documentation – Getting Started Tutorial – CodeProject

This StackOverflow entry provides a basic idea and you can see the intelxdk. For subsequent apps, reuse the same certificate and import this certificate into the Build tab like you usually would.

Please refer to this article in the Intel XDK documentation. For more information related to these configurations, visit http: For accurate information related to iOS icon sizes, visit https: After the download completes, a similar dialog lets you install it. If you did not download or install an update when prompted or on older versionsclick the package icon next to the orange?

The installation removes the previous Documentayion XDK version. To import your project, use the “Start a New Project” option located at the bottom of the Projects List on the Projects tab lower left of the screen, round blue “plus” icon, on the Projects tab. The Intel XDK will attempt to locate a file named index.

Getting Started With Mobile Apps Tutorial | Intel® Software

If your imported project did not contain documnetation index. In that case, it is best to delete the imported project from the Intel XDK Projects tab “x” icon in the upper right corner of the screenrename your “root” or “main” html file to index. It is highly recommended that your “source directory” be located as a sub-directory inside your “project directory. If the “source directory” and “project directory” are the same it results in longer upload times to the build server and unnecessarily large application executable files returned by the docmuentation system.

See the following images for the recommended project file layout. Take the following steps to completely uninstall the XDK from your Windows system: The steps below assume you installed into the “default” location.

Version and later installs the user data files one level deeper, but using the locations specified will still find the saved user information and node-webkit cache files.

If you did not install in the “default” location you will have to find the location you did install into and remove the files mentioned here from that location.

If the Intel XDK is still listed as an app in the Windows Control Panel “Uninstall or change a program” list, find this entry in your registry using regedit:. Delete any sub-entries that refer to the Intel XDK. For example, a install will have this sub-key:. Then, review your source files by monitoring the small yellow triangle at the bottom of the edit window a green check mark indicates no issues.

You can manage them by logging into: This functionality will eventually be available within Intel XDK after which access to app center will be removed. Visit the primary documentation book for the App Security API and see this forum post for some additional details.

If you are receiving a “Suspicious file detected – APK: CloudRep [Susp]” message from Avast anti-virus installed on your Android device it is due to the fact that you are side-loading the app or the Intel XDK Debug modules onto your device using a download link after building or by using the Debug tab to debug your appor your app has been installed from an “untrusted” Android store.

See the following official explanation from Avast:.