Our guide to the IRR99 radiation regulations, designed for radiation workers and employers. These Regulations supersede and consolidate the Ionising Radiations Regulations and the Ionising Radiations (Outside Workers) Regulations It should be noted that in IRR99 will be replaced with the Ionising Radiations. Regulations and this document and other ONR guidance will be.

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IRR17: What are the Changes to Ionising Radiation Regulations?

Duties under the Regulations. Notification of certain occurrences. Prior risk assessment etc. To accommodate the updates to IRR99 and ensure you are fully compliant under the forthcoming IRR17you must submit notification, registration or consent applications by 6 February Citation and commencement 2.

Ionising Radiation Regulations – free guide to IRR99

Legislation is available in different versions: Estimated doses and special entries IRR17 applies to a large range of workplaces where radioactive substances and electrical equipment regulatkons ionising radiation are used.

More Resources Use this menu to access essential accompanying documents and information for this legislation item. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Where personal protective equipment is provided for an employee’s benefit, he must make full and proper use of it, report any defects to the employer and, as far as possible, return it to its proper storage place when not in use.

Wherever work is governed by Local Rules the employer must appoint in writing irr9 least one RPS to supervise adherence to the Rules. Any change in circumstances relevant to an authorisation needs to be notified to the HSE.


Ionising Radiations Regulations

Prior written authorisation from the HSE is required for the use of accelerators except electron microscopes and for work with X-rays in:. Dose records will no longer be retained for 50 years, with a reduction to retention for only 30 years.

Within this category, working practices include: The Notification of New Substances Regulations Such controls may range from routine monitoring of the radiation irrr99 restriction of access to certain authorised employees. Any employer who undertakes work with ionising radiation must comply with IRR Industrial radiography The processing of products Research Exposures for medical treatment. With cutting-edge equipment, SOCOTEC can determine levels of radiation within a given sample, ensuring clients receive accurate analytical data regarding the presence of radiation in their materials – regulation support of nuclear decommissioning projects and in association with contaminated land.

Where the employees of one organisation are potentially at risk of radiation exposure from the operations of another organisation, there must be cooperation by exchange of information to ensure that the work is in regulatiins compliance with the Regulations.

Written procedures in the form of Eegulations Rules must be produced for any Controlled Area and, depending on the nature of the work, any Supervised Area. Misuse or interference with sources of radiation Reg For a non-classified person entering a Controlled Area in accordance with written procedures, the employer must be able to demonstrate that his exposures do not exceed the relevant annual dose limits, i.

Records of monitoring and checks on instruments must be kept by the employer for at least 2 years.


The immediate investigation report must be kept for 2 years and the detailed investigation report kept for 50 years. A irg99 of the Radiation Regulations are excluded if the work involves radon gas only.

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All employees aged 18 or over who are likely to receive an annual effective dose greater than 6 mSv or an equivalent dose greater than 45 mSv eyemSv skin or mSv hands, forearms, feet and ankles must be designated as classified persons and informed of such. Radiation work is to be notified when both the concentration and activity are exceeded.

Ionising Radiations Regulations – Wikipedia

For the majority of cases this means a combination of physical protection and regulationa procedures. Once the pregnancy has been formally declared to the employer in writing Reg 14 c the employer must ensure that the dose to the foetus is unlikely to exceed 1 mSv during the remainder of the pregnancy.

Misuse of or interference with sources of ionising radiation. As an example, the use of mobile gauging equipment at multiple test locations involves the designation of temporary Controlled Areas, which makes the use of warning tape or other physical barrier impracticable. Date of the last medical review of the outside worker