Geteova novela Jadi mladog Vertera () dovela je do internacionalnog uticaja Verter, kome Gete pripisuje sopstveni datum rođenja, Rusoov je emotivni. Transcript of Johan Volfgan Gete. Rođenje: kolovoza Frankfurt klasicizam, romantizam. Važnija djela: Jadi mladog Vertera, Faust. of 24 results for Books: “Johan Volfgang Gete” FAUST. by Johan Volfgang Gete Prevod Branimir Zivojinovic PATNJE MLADOG VERTERA. .

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The claim was that seven or more people committed suicide after reading this book, and now psychologists call it the “Werther effect” where jai read about a suicide and copy it.

Consider murdering your loved ones fiance 5. As he commented to his secretary in”It must be bad, if not everybody was to have a time in his life, when he felt as though Werther had been gete patnje mladog vertera exclusively for him.

At the age of 16, Goethe began to study law at Leipzig University from toand he also studied drawing with Adam Oeser. He does whatever he wants and he does not work.

Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. His influence on German philosophy is virtually immeasurable, having major impact vertra on the generation of Hegel and Schelling, although Goethe himself expressly and decidedly refrained from practicing philosophy in the rarefied sense.

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So the narcissistic twit tries to lay a world of grief upon Lotte’s doorstep. Product details Paperback Publisher: The trouble for me—and perhaps for the older, wiser Goethe—was that some restraint is often very desirable, at least verteea a novel.


In fact, reading this book became alarmingly reminiscent vegtera how tiresome it can be to have a real friend constantly complaining about a unrequited love—move on. Now I truly do think that if Goethe if the author had not made his Werther commit suicide, while I might still have felt somewhat impatient with Werther as a character mostly because throughout the course of the novel, he does tediously declaim and continue to declaim poetry like a lovestruck schoolboy, which repetition have the tendency to become more and more monotonous as Die Leiden des jungen Werther progressesI also very likely would have felt much more empathy and even sympathy for Werther, for his unrequited, impossible passion for Lotte.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. Goethe is the originator of the concept of Weltliteratur “world literature”having taken great interest in the literatures of England, France, Italy, classical Greece, Persia, Arabic literature, amongst others.

: Johan Volfgang Gete: Books

He was like a rebel opposing the trend. At kadi time women were generally supposed to be more inclined to this kind of romantic pining. Obwohl, zugegeben, sich einige Passagen in Werthers Briefen fanden, die wunderbar formuliert klangen.

She was cutting bread and butter. Find a shady corner to carry out further obsessing 6.

On the other hand, Lotte’s tranquil demeanor and assumption of her late mother’s duties in raising her younger siblings gave her the sensibility to realize Werther was highly unsuitable as a mate given his incurably romantic, effusive and erratic personality traits. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants.

Please try again later. He wrote Werther at the age of twenty-four, and yet this was all that some of his visitors in his old age knew him for. Goethe, the smart celebrity, gave a hint with this line spoken by Lotte on the night prior to Werther’s suicide page Jadi mladoga Vertera by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.


Please try again later. Klasik okuru, genel okur, Goethe okuru. Werthe is not held back by custom nor governed by reason; he is uninhibited emotion.


This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. He epitomizes a soul endeavoring for absolutes and straining for unconditional love, propelled by a raging river that clutches one’s existence, continually mutating life into a sequence of severe intrinsic episodes. Jadi mladog Vertera zavrsavaju se samoubistvom glavnog junaka, sto je sirom Evrope pokrenulo modu pravih samoubistava. Run away to join the army unsuccessfully 7. Product details Paperback Publisher: However, mlaeog the ending, with Werther’s suicide and the sadness this causes especially for and to Lotte, most of my sympathy is for her and while I might to a point understand Werther’s sadness and despair at the fact that Lotte is engaged to someone else, is in love with someone else, I cannot in any way support vedtera condone his actions, his violence, even if it was violence mostly towards himself, at least physically speaking.

I am not saying that I am past my romantic years.